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I'm sure they were both thinking that their tip would be more generous if they let me take photos and they were correct. Of course it was a malfunction and after about waiting 10 minutes a slot attendant came and gave me the money I had put in and took the machine offline.

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Naturally I'm quite happy now as I've almost broken even for the trip and can now afford to play and I always seem to have my best wins after midnight. I hit try again and the offer this time is 40 credits. Serrano is a Tapas restaurant so the portions are not large but reasonable.

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Yes, its halibut again. After getting ready I decide to celebrate with lunch at Julian Serrano. Inhe published a book about the after effects of his trip.

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I finally drop off to sleep though around 5: Terri and I did locate the Rockin Olives Monster Boogie slot and had fun getting a lot of bonuses on it. I really had a great time this trip, G2E, socializing and of course winning the 20k and coming home with most of it intact!

Their response was wouldn't I prefer a credit instead at Aria.

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If you haven't yet seen the videos I took of Ghostbusters they are here: For the last 2 days I had been considering doing that especially since my husband said everything was fine at home and he didn't mind me staying, especially in light of my big win. Service started out well at Aria with the bellman quickly checking my luggage and no wait at the invited guest check in area.

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You have to pay for it if you make a mistake," said Eash. As I'm writing this trip report I can't believe I had seafood every night of my trip! I guess I sort of go into shock briefly.

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Above is the garlic shrimp I had which is delicious. If you would like to see videos of the Monster Boogie bonuses they are here: My starter was the bacon wrap shrimp with papaya mustard and again what's not to love? I was so torn between what to do I asked for advice from friends on the blonde4ever Vegas message board and they encouraged me to book it again for this trip.

I'd have preferred to have the cash.

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Now try and imagine your disappointment when you're told by the casino, "there's been a mistake. It was getting late around 2: I asked if they sold them separately because I would have easily bought a box of these, but alas they don't.


It sounds like the worst of both worlds, like you had no chance of going away a winner. My entree was delicious. Million dollar slot machine winner loses in court February 18, at 9: I play Sex in the City, but those girls are keeping those bonus games for someone else. The slot attendants were there in 20 seconds and I'm not kidding. To me it looked about the same as last year this time though it's possible there are some new additions I'm not noticing.

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Terri had the baby iceberg lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing that she really liked and who wouldn't with all that delicious bacon on top? Every time she visited Vegas, Nishimura played the same machine—her machine—at the Freemont Hotel, which she is said to have talked to in order to give her luck.

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But today taking stock I realized I was worn out, it had been a terrific trip, perhaps the best one I will ever have in many ways, but with running around at G2E and then the excitement of my big win, I was just exhausted, so I called and told her I was going home as planned tomorrow. To celebrate last night's win I order this spicy strawberry cocktail. Back at Aria I finally locate the Betty Boop Love Meter slot which they had hidden ipad casino bonus a pillar near the poker room.