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It shoots a little slow though so it loses to faster firing weapons most of the time. One of the better anti-infantry weapon of the heavy trooper class. HK Actually decent at close range but is a little inaccurate at long range.

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There are many variants of this sidearm but none so far has a scope attached except the red version. It has a 17 round magazine while in real life it is supposed to have a 33 round magazine. It can do 1 headshot kills but its slow rate of fire and terrible recoil and bullet drop make this unlikely.

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It does 3 shot kills to the arms and feet, 2 shot kills to the other body parts and 1 headshot kills. With a little bit of luck and a lot of leading your aim you can even take down planes but that is extemely rare. VSS - The 2nd fastest sniper rifle.

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Heavy Trooper Edit Panzerfaust - has a predictable rocket trajectory which makes this weapon quite accurate if you can judge distances correctly. Unlike before it cannot be reloaded in supply stations.

It can damage vehicles quite a bit but is so laughably weak against tanks.

Tokarev SVT40 - the svt40 is a somewhat decent inaccurate sniper rifle. There are many versions to this even an 8th slot version.

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Despite appearing to explode there does not seem to be splash damage so direct hits at infantry are recommended if you feel like shooting foot soldiers with the stinger although shooting near vehicles in training mode seem to indicate there might actually be splash damage. Nickel M 8th slot only - it is pretty similar to the assault's m except for the 8th slot only.

It used to do 1 splash kills but recent patches seem to decrease the likelihood of this happening because of decreased splash radius and even damage. Like the m82 and m95 it can pierce glass and can do damage to vehicles with the NTW doing the most damage.

Winchester-E,M,A - it shoots 7 pellets used to be 8 that does good damage each.

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It just received a damage buff in the more recent patches and can actually kill in 3 shots now. Only use this to grind for the achievement which nets you exp.

A web grenade is a likely 1 hit splash weapon with an absurd splash radius so escaping it is unlikely if one is thrown your way. M rounds per belt, having an additional belt, decent damage, high vertical recoil, a little heavy to move around with and slow firing speed makes this machine gun ideally a long range machine gun but since it lacks a scope it becomes a medium ranged support weapon that is meant for spraying down a smaller area than most other machine guns.

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If only it had a dot sight this gun might actually beat the xm8 at long range. There is a version with a scope and it works gloriously even at ranges up to 70 meters.

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Just spray at the general direction of the enemy. It has very high vertical recoil. Web grenade- E,H,S - the one item that tends to turn CQC into a grenade fest of idiotic proportions as games are decided which side has more web grenades. Before it used to be able to shoot through vehicles and kill passengers inside but not anymore.

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It used to do 1 head shot kills before but recent patches makes this happen less. M95 - like the m82 but some versions can be used on the 3rd slot which is pretty nice. RPG-7 - like all rocket or grenade based weapons there is a predictable trajectory your projectile follows so it can be used to snipe from long range if you can judge the distance correctly.

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In short, it sucks. Desert Eagle - quite accurate enough to be used for medium range shooting. Decent accuracy but the lack of crosshairs while not activating the zoom function really hurts it's utility but if you get used to it, it is quite fine.

There are two versions and they are despite having more ammo than the regular mp7 a downgrade as the large size of the weapon blocks a sizeable part of your screen. The trick is controlling the shots at long range. It has higher recoil than the mp5 and does not shoot as fast. At one point it was skill slots dragon age inquisition by cyber criminals in older varieties of hacks in warrockph.