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It is a nice gesture to have at least one moment of eye-contact with your actual partner. All editorials and letters to the editor on SalsaPower.

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Rueda in Cuba has a history of cliqueishness. Eventually, Caller returns to Pa' al medio with cry of "Juntos!

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Let go of your partners right hand as you both open to the center of the circle. I would suggest an optimum of five or six couples. Depending on your dance school, the Dame Dos move is already done with two handclaps.

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Rueda de Casino is the correct name in Q slot 2. Rueda de Casino started in Cuba in the mid 20th century and it is the roots of what you can see danced in Miami, and around the world today.

Los movimientos se inventan localmente y reflejan una realidad cultural. Partners in closed position. General The Rueda de Casino is a Cuban group dance.

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In this text, I will refer to followers as 'ladies'. Do 3 or 4 if called Enchufles in a row with 1,2,3 or 4 claps just before picking up the next girl. During the dance there is a constant changing of partners, which makes it a vivid and joyful spectacle.

What happens next is a result of dance in general being a fluid and ever-changing entity, not stagnant. Leaderss finish this pattern adios con la hermana salsa casino counterclockwise, and do not pick up the next partner. Pick her up for a cross body lead to switch into position. Il Casino si conosce fuori di Cuba come "Salsa".

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This is more visible when we start turns where the girl comes in and then turns back toward the right, such as in a "Sombrero," or a "Vacila". On the first beat of the second strofe, both step back, leaders left foot, ladies right foot so they are standing side by side, still holding hands. Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, and This is repeated until the caller calls out the opening move.

Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, with pointer and pinkie fingers up; two fingers means double Same as above but after you start to bring her to the right under your left arm, stop her half way with the right hand on the back, and send her back.

Traduzione a l'italiano por: On the first beat, both step forward to each other, leaders step with their right foot, ladies with their left foot. Attributions to choreographer Jorge Alfaro are dubious, since he was born in The claps are initiated on the leaders left foot, just after leaving your partner to pick up your new lady.

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Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn After cross body lead or stop and go, pulse the lady and bring her to the right side under the left arm as she does a half turn to face you, leaders move to where ladies started.

The leaders, usually the men, who perform as the leading elements in each couple. In Cuba, the people used to get together in large halls, called "Casinos", hence the name. In that sense, what we dance in Miami is not very different at all from what they adios con la hermana salsa casino in Cuba.

A Miami i bailador effettuano movimenti molto stilizzati con le mani, alcuni molto raffinati e tipici ed originari del Miamense, per esempio il "Coca-Cola" che a Cuba non esiste per ovvie ragioni politiche che legano questa bevanda all' acqua nera dell'Imperialismo.

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Use the momentum of your arm as it comes out and down from the enchufla turn to initiate your right turn. What is Rueda de Casino? In Cuba, as a result of the recent influx of people from all over the world going there to study "salsa" as the foreigners call it, there has been a rebirth of Casino and Rueda.

With 2 couples, this call has a special feel.

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In Chile you might find a step named "Entel Chile", with a move that mocks someone talking on the phone, since Entel is the largest phone company in Chile. Don't let go with the left hand until the last moment.

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I will say, however, that Rueda is not as popular as it used to be in Cuba. More than nine or ten couples is inadvisable because it gets tougher to keep the circle at a circular shape. Leaders left front, right back.

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Miami is unique because of its large population of excellent trained Casino-style dancers, many of whom have begun to give international workshops and export the Miami style.