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In Summary The place, place to lose, buy and lay bets are four sets of bets that are all about the fundamental mechanic of craps where you are betting either for or against one of the six place numbers coming before a seven is rolled. A place bet on 5 or 9 pays 7: Along these lines, here are the house edges for each of the available buy bets: Unfortunately you pay a price for this directness in the way of a a slot machine in your pocket payout.

Place bets can also be increased, decreased, or "taken down" given back to you at any time.

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The buy bet for 5 or 9 has a house edge of 1. If a table or shooter gets hot and shooters are making point after point without throwing a 7, Come bets let you leverage this "hot-ness" by having multiple points working. If the shooter rolls a 7 your Come bet one that is on a Come point is lost but your Odds bet advanced craps betting returned to you.

Place to Lose Wagers

Place bets are lost if a shooter "sevens out". Because of the way the payouts are structured, Place bets only on the 6 and 8 generally are advised.

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Again, we can compare the house edge for each of these lay bets with the place to lose bets. The buy bets allow you to make the exact same wager with the exact same odds, but you have to pay a 5 percent commission on your wager in the meantime. Come bets act just like Pass Line bets Come bets can only be placed after the shooter establishes a point Come bets are placed in the COME area of the layout and moved to the resulting Come point number on the layout If a 7 is rolled, both the Pass Line bet and Odds and Come bets placed on a Come point and Odds are lost Come bets are used to take advantage of a hot shooter or table Multiple Come bets can be placed Odds can be placed on Come bets Odds on Come bets are not working during a shooter's come-out roll Odds on Come bets can be increased to the maximum allowabledecreased, or taken down at any time Place Bets Just as shooters and tables sometimes get hot, numbers will also get hot.

Craps for Beginners

The dealer will set your Odds bet chips on top of your Come bet chips but at a slight offset. If you want to bet against a 5, 6, 8 or 9, then you should use the place to lose bets for the best odds.

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A place bet on 6 or 8 pays 7: You can then advanced craps betting placing Pass Line bets once you get comfortable with being at a craps table. Like each of these other options, any other number is a push, and the bet continues on the following roll.

You can, however, keep your Odds bet working on a come-out roll by telling the dealer "Odds working".

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For example, if you have a Place bet on the 6, and the shooter rolls a 6, the dealer will pay your your winnings only, leaving your original bet on the 6. It is called a "Come bet" because when you place this bet, the next roll is a "come-out roll" for you only.

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