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Anything slotted with a Poring card for making potions is good. Formless, small, Normal 3.

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Having Heal is pretty cool as well, and great for an int build. Enchanted with level 3 Heal. Also, you'll enjoy the same benefits that an Axe has; immunity to weapon breaking skills.

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Just make sure to rotate the camera quite often here, in order to see around corners or past the irritating beams that get in your way. The Novomatic casino games developer is one of the biggest in the business, having produced a vast range of slots and more for land-based casinos and now they have branched out to the online and mobile optimised sides.

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Some just happen to be a bit more plausible than others. Even with an excessive amount of dex, your casts can still be cancelled, and so pairing this build up with a Sacrifice Crusader is a great strategy. This is a superb piece of equipment. Useful on a few monsters, such as turtles. The downside to making weapons like that is that they are highly specialized, and can end up costing alchemist head slot lot of zeny.

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Do I really need to explain? While not entirely different weapons than normal swords, they're worthy of special mention. Pretty much all armor is slotted, so just avoid Panties for the most part unless you're dirt poor Sword Reject also affects daggers, despite the name sounding as if it were exclusive to swords.

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You can alchemist head slot switch headgear to avoid the penalty, or wear Evil armor. Alchemists wear pretty much the same armor that Blacksmiths do.

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Harder to obtain then the Haedonggum, but worth it if you can. Probably what you'll be sticking with most of your RO career. Remember, cards of the same type stack, but multiple different cards yield a higher damage modifier. Knifes and Cutters also serve this purpose, and are cheaper. Combining a cart and maxed Increase Weight Limit, you will be capable of dumping an enormous amount of potions on yourself, increasing your lifespan in WoE and thus the lifespan of your guild members.

When to level here: It can't be broken. You'll generally want the most powerful weapon you can get for elementals. Manteaus are your optimal choice. The green dragon will reward up to 8, and the owl will offer 4, A respectable aspd delay, acceptable size modifiers, and a plethora of weapons at your disposal.

Best used on a Biochemist with Acid Demonstration. Insect, small, Shadow 1.

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A three slotted level three weapon? Pierce defense of brute monsters, with a small chance to cause Coma. All of these symbols can be stacked several high on the reels, which has the effect of making it a bit easier to land them across a payline, especially if the wild symbol appears.

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Sorry if it's hard to read, I can't get the damn thing to format properly. If either the trumpet or the maracas appear on 3, 4, or 5 reels, you win 16x, 60x, or x the line bet, while the classic playing card symbols will fill out the bottom of the paytable and return the smaller prizes when they line up in the right places.

Best for status effect cards, due to the four slots. The alchemist's vials and potions will pay out 3, Axe Mastery brings them up to par with Maces on higher defense opponents, but only so long as you have a Blacksmith. Very nice magic defense, and curse resistance to boot.

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Whenever a monster is changed, all the drops, experience, and stats of the monster are those of the new one. There are also a number of lower value symbols such as 10, J, Q, K and A.