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The functions available in this library are defined under: The File System partition is marked as a FAT partition and can be automatically amxx slot reservation by the operating system. In order to use them, one must call the I2COpen function to retrieve a handle prior to using the other functions. A low level format is also automatically performed if the bootloader detects an existing OS partition with a size different from what the bootloader expects.

The regular driver must not be allowed to run simultaneously with the KITL transport or they will both contend for the same hardware resources.

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The RTC will be in charge of generating an interrupt at that given time for the kernel to run the specified application. See wiki on Power Management in SA.

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Note that the XLDR itself requires much less than a full block but the first four complete blocks are still used due to boot ROM requirements. Therefore it is located at the beginning of the OS partition.

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Note that entire blocks must be reserved even though EBOOT may only require a small portion of the last block. A low level format destroys all data on the flash outside of the reserved area.

The OS partition is created by the bootloader with a low level format during system initialization if it does not already exist.

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Bad blocks are skipped and the next good block selected in the Flash algorithms. It exists simply as a network miniport driver.

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All these functions require the device ID corresponding to the controller whose clock is to be configured. The network portion of the bootloader serial user interface provides a mechanism for the user to control VMINI.

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The rest of the block containing EBOOT is saved and restored when the configuration parameters are updated. The desired KITL transport is selected via the serial bootloader menu. It is also created during the low level format operation in the bootloader. OAL reference information is available here.

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Device IDs are defined under the following header file: If the RTC did not keep a valid value, which is mostly due to power shortage, then default time and date will be set. The user can decide at run time whether to activate the KITL connection or not. If an error occurs, the boot ROM will attempt to load from the next block up to a maximum of 4 blocks.

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