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Vendetta finally puts a stop to Don Emilio and Sen. However, Romulo survives his wounds and is immediately brought by the CIDG in a hospital where he laid in critical condition.

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Alyana then broke up with Cardo. The twins both followed the sacred path of their father, and became police officers.

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At some point, Alyana compares between both Cardo and Marco when they started their relationship to her. Political Arc —present [ edit ] Main article: General Delfin Borja Jaime Fabregas orders Cardo to assume Ador's identity and continue the mission that his late brother left behind.

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However, he angrily throws a casino arrangement when his doctor informed him that his therapy is over as Alyana witnesses his violent behavior. Alyana reconciled with Cardo after she experienced a nightmare which in Cardo was killed by Marco himself. Terante kills and incinerates one of his lackeys as "evidence". Cardo is shot by Alakdan, but he survives long enough to shed off his SAF uniform and is subsequently rescued and cared for by Leon and his daughter, Lena Yam Concepcion.

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Syndicate Arc — [ edit ] Season 1 — [ edit ] Main article: Yohan and Gracie was hitbut they were chased. Bert is later killed by Sen.

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Vendetta found about the planned concert, so Cardo orchestrated a plan for them to get in. By the time Andy works at the hospital and to get home safely, General Borja secretly follows her as craps reglas del juego discovers Vendetta's hideout knowing that Andy was trying to assist the vigilante group as Andy also warns Cardo about his grandfather.

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This threat causes Marco to formally apologize to Alyana who is now horrified and afraid from his violent behavior. At this point, Senator Mateo de Silva Joko Diaz is revealed as a drug dealer who drew funding from Don Emilio in exchange for securing the reversal of the latter's conviction and a stake casino birmingham star city de Silva's drug empire.

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When they are about to take their strategy to rescue Romulo, it was disrupted by Catindig and his men attacking every innocent lives including the authorities at the hospital to kill Ang probinsyano time slot. Hipolito tries to call Catindig, not knowing that he died.

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But Vendetta intercepted the convoy and killed the men who guards it. Vendetta followed her beforehand and came to rescue Olegario. They successfully shot Diana, but they were not aware that Cardo was in hiding.