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Evening Balloon Glows — Taking place just before dusk, pilots inflate their hot air balloons and keep them tethered to the ground. It is a great place to spend some time in between events or before the beginning of the Balloon Fiesta to learn more about hot air ballooning. For more ideas on visiting Albuquerque, see our post on things to do in Albuquerqueand where to eat in Albuquerque.

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If you plan to ride during Balloon Fiesta and you book to go on a mass ascension morning, be sure to know what happens if that flight is cancelled and you have to reschedule to a day there is no Balloon Fiesta event, do you get some of your money back?

I would recommend planning to attend at least one morning session and one evening session as they are quite different in nature. Several other companies provide balloon flights in Albuquerque as well as Santa Fe and will generally offer lower rates although still much higher than normal.

Then once inside the Park, parking volunteers will wave you in the right direction to get you parked.

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However, there are several other options as well and all should work whether you are going in the morning sessions or evening sessions: The response to the flood uncovered new levels of spirit across our city and throughout our organization. Events may include fly-in tasks where they must drop something on a specific target and events where they must toss or grab rings from various poles.

Pilots generally carry some on them each year and will hand them out to people who ask, and you can sometimes buy packs of them in the booths. This means you will not get quite as close to the other balloons, but you should still see the other balloons in the air. About a 2 mile drive from park. Our vision is to create a world-class, year-round gathering place in the heart of our great city.

An entire community came together to create a rallying point during very difficult circumstances. We advanced our brand and our mission with concrete results as we executed the first year of our strategic plan. During our two mornings inthey also had a morning Balloon Glow where about a dozen inflated balloons lined up in a row and pilots used their propane burners to light up their balloons while still tethered to the ground.

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Every year a few thousand volunteers are needed in addition to a small team of professional full-time staff to help with the event. This is beneficial to ballooning because then the balloon can take off and land in almost exactly the same spot. So if you really want an RV spot or to stay in a particular hotel, you should book sooner rather than later.

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There are also lots of hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate available which are very welcome in the early morning. That was such a wonderful experience, that I convinced Laurence that we needed to return in Then just before the balloons start launching closer to 7: The Stampede was showcased at cinemas across Canada and at select screenings our volunteers and Royalty delivered some Stampede spirit and Calgary flair.

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The dates change each year so be sure to check the website. If the bathrooms are busy or you want to try to find the cleanest onesconsult a map and head towards the ones furthest away from the entrances and Main Street towards 2nd Street.