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For example, roto-targets become very prevelant.

BG animationPFcab. Time Clocks no longer used, game does not turn itself off after a set period of nathans aliante casino. BGPFGame. This gives the player a lot to shoot for, and makes those games pretty darn fun.

List of Gottlieb Pinballs Manufactured

All Games Now have Score Reels. Roy did not work for Gottlieb. Last Gottlieb with a wood upper ball arch. Start of hinged front door with generic paint scheme. In my eye, the most collectible Gottlieb woodrail era is to Start of Metal Lower Ball Arch, but still used the red plastic ball shooter gauge.

Start of Match feature on single player games, which allows the player to win a free game by matching the last digits of their score to a randomly selected number.

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This cabinet design was kept until the last single player EM was made in Spot Pool, Gottlieb Spot-Pool was a bumper pool game. End of 6 reverse flippers, very similar playfield layouts. The sole artist for Gottlieb until was Roy Parker.

With the prior ABT push chute, when the player pushed in the chute, this manually reset the reset bank. Annabelle only award replays based on score. Like the change from wood legs to metal legs inand the change from wood top and bottom arches to metal, and the change from four color to three color cabinet art in though some earlier games did use three colors, it became consistent in Start of Gobble Holes.

To me, the difference in these two artists is night and day. Start of Pop Bumpers. The time involved is too great, and if you could find someone, for the most part the money spent would be more than the game is worth.

Right art from William's Nine Sisters. Left art from Gottlieb's Happy Days. Note since Roy Parker did not do cabinet art, Gottlieb always used geometric designs for the cabinet unlike Williams, which used game themed cabinet artwork.

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End of light bulb scoring. The first 1 player Gottlieb with score reels, first game with "score-to-beat" in backglass.

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This limits their desirabilty. Start of Safety Gate between normal style flippers feature. Start of round Heathchute coin acceptor feature. End of five cent ABT push style coin acceptor era. Aww a soft-spot in my heart!

All Gottlieb's now have a metal upper ball arch.

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Now games must have a coil-controlled reset bank to reset the game features. End of the "Jeweled" metal post era. Many pictures taken by Richard Lawnhurst, Russ Jensen and myself. Also some pre Gottlieb single player woodrails allowed the player to win from up to 26 Replays in a single game, or for just accomplishing a single feat!

This light stays on until the 10, unit is moved, turning off the ability for the player to add a coin for a "double" game. Last single player game to have power to the flippers after the game is finished. Roy Parker's cancer has taken him down, and Art Stenholm steps in as the new Gottlieb artist.