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It's as if like you're playing a fighting game,except this time you're playing an MMORPG, you have really low health and you're wearing an "arinola" on your head. Once inside, kill a few thief bugs and familiars until lvl I was in a party, I think I was around lvl Iron Hand Lvl2 Description: Items are now put in a sell list instead of sold immediately.

Whallops the attack combo slot openkore with a straight punch attack combo slot openkore pushes it back 5 cells. Delivers 4 additional hits to a target. Blade Stop has its uses though. Being the total cowards my companions were,they all run away as the black monstrosity heads for us. A much streamlined version of the combo monk. Make sure you're in Fury Status and have 5 spirit spheres.

After playing around with some RO stat calculators and experiencing first hand the world of combo monks, I thought of sharing what I know so that people would have an easier time building up their own combo monks. Maybe its because they're just plain fun to use. For Example,you summon 3 spheres,then proceed to attack an enemy,when you miss,you do 9 damage to the enemy.

Introduction I managed to have time to think up and type this guide while vending with my Battle Vendor. Did you even read the title or the introduction? You can also opt for Holy Light since its the quad resort and casino located next to flamingo with a quest though it is pretty useless for Combo Monks.

Calls forth balls of energy needed for some skills.

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So children, don't be a wimp and change early,lest you have a paltry lvl7 Agi Up like Topak over there. Talk to the old guy at the entrance Tohobuhe'll send you off to Muhae who is located at the south west building. Deals massive amounts of damage in regards to remaining SP. Deals melee damage to a target according to their DEF.

INT should atleast be around 20 so you can keep combos coming. Just be mindful of any hunter flys. They're real fun to use. Whenever more than one spheres is summoned,you get a sure hit bonus?

The definitive combo monk build. Affected by your hit rate so it can miss against High Flee characters. Talk again to Muhae,then go find Puhae to the East. Go read the other more in depth monk guides for them builds.

Executing Combo after combo never gets old for me those sound effects really add oomph to those hits. The Minos in the Pyramid also give out pretty decent xp in this stage. Question and Answer Portion Q: He'll give you some free healing items and then warps you to the Culverts Entrance outside Prontera. Niffelheim is also a great place to go to, the easy enemies there amount to good xp.

This will prevent any problems where the bot keeps trying to use a skill like Heal or Blessing on someone who is dead. As it raised its blade to strike, out of sheer panic or luck, I managed to press F2 in which stop blade was bound to. Whisks you away to a random place,or your save point if lvl2.

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You'll also have a hard time dealing with MVPs for your Flee won't be able to handle them for too long. Casting time is affected by DEX. Must be in Vigor Explosion Explosion Spirits Status and have 5 spirit spheres to manual cast,used in adjunction with a combo finish or use after initiating Stop Blade lvl5 with atleast 4 spheres remaining.

Lvl1 SP5 absorbs spirit spheres Recommended Lvl: The absence of the targetting cursor means that you can't switch targets while doing the Instant EF combo sucks eh? Each sphere lasts 10 minutes. How do you do it?

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Long and hard is the acolyte path, especially if you're a battle aco because people will think you're a stupid aco for not having Lvl10 heal. Don't forget to max Divine Protection and Demon Bane before you change job though.