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First I would like to state that in regards to s Williams slot machines, no one seems to be archiving any information on these Williams is not doing this for example. The round top cabinets are considered the fanciest, but personally I like the 16" square tops the best from a cosmetic point of view.

Though I'm not exactly sure which was the first dotmation slot by Williams, it was probably X-factor or Piggy Banking. It's just what you like.

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Because of this, the patent was sold to Universal in the late s and then to IGT in the early s. The creative talent of the pinball programmers and designers really shows through on these dotmation slot machines.

And the Wms spinning reel slot division now did all calculations based on 22 "real" stops. Another great feature of Williams slot machines are back lit reels. The familiar Williams pinball "bong" is used as bally slot machine belly glass Dotmation slot machine is turned on.

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Towards the end ofAl Thomas of Williams came up with the idea of adding a x64 dot matrix display to their spinning reel slot machines. These are big things, and generally just too big for the home arcade.

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These are incorporated into the game's theme very well. Williams also made sit-down versions called the series. All the Williams slot machines have bonus or dotmation animations that make them much nicer than a "standard" spinning reel slot. This game became the prototype for later WMS games and the blueprint for its success.

Though all the rage at casinos, I personally hate "ticket in, ticket out" video slots.

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All models were available with or without card-reader strips below the top glass casinos use these to track players. For example if a gaming devices uses cards or dice, it must react and play like a deck of cards or dice.

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Like on High Speed the reels do a "burn out" like car tires when the bonus round is started, and continues as the cop chases the getaway car. It is speculated that IGT bribed or paid-off the Neveda gaming commision to get the Telneas patent approved.

The idea of having many more reel stops than reel symbols was not missed by Williams either. Dollar bill acceptors because a big feature of s slot machines, so this is an important item to have working on these s and later slot machines. So none of the Wms slot machine titles were made in great numbers.


In this regard Williams slot machines are far easier to work on. This includes the two Monopoly dotmation slots. Games that don't have a bonus round instead have random award multiplier 2x to 15xagain incorporated through the DMD.