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Baseball america slot values, but,...

2015 Amateur Draft

Here is a breakdown of the overall pool situations and all important slot values. A lot will change between now and June. Both articles are free.

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Here are the slot values: If you sign a player for less than the slot value within the first ten rounds, you can redirect the pool savings to other picks. Is it worth trading, say, that No.

2017 MLB Draft Primer: Bonus Pool, Slot Values, Penalties, Etc.

This will also be the first time the team has two of the top 30 picks sincewhen they had three of the top 30 picks. And as well. The Yankees will have the option this year of going big and signing one top talent to a huge overslot bonus Brady Aiken? If a team fails to sign a player, they lose the bonus money associated with that pick, which is pretty significant. It makes more sense to trade away pool space.

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Really pitching in general, high school and college. Brett Gardner could return to lineup by Friday Rob Manfred will be at the podium this year.

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There might not be an Aiken or Matuella available for that 16th pick. In some instances they were thrown in as the third or fourth piece in a trade package.

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Depending on what the draft board looks like in June, going this route with the second round pick could make an awful lot of sense. But, if you trade bonus pool money, you have to trade the specific slot.

2016 Draft Slot Values

The Yankees have shown they can turn relative small bonuses into quality prospects. College seniors have no leverage, so they usually sign for five figures.

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The international slot values are used for trading.