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But don't count Craig's Batgirl out entirely: You would think that would garner her at least one spinoff movie, but alas.

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The Last Stand nah, just disintegrated. Newmar's and Kitt's haute couture Catwoman costume was just a little incongruous with a below-the-radar cat burglar.

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The metric for this list is a fluid one, as the characters and their depictions are so vastly different, not everyone can be held to the same exact standard after all, some are across one to four movies, others across seasons and seasons of TV. True Bloodbut unfortunately for the Oscar-winning actress, her stint in the X-Men films had her all-powerful comic-book character reduced to a distressed damsel who needed to be periodically rescued by Hugh Jackman's alpha male Wolverine.

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The boxes from Batman contain a number between 7 and 25 and this relates to how many free spins you receive. But in this year's Avengers 2: We never learned Catwoman's real name, or what drove her to a life of feral crime, but for a totally goofy series like Batman, it didn't matter. Vandervoort's Kara was cool and unafraid to use her otherworldly powers, unlike the series' hesitant protagonist.

But being normal was pretty hard for Gellar's Buffy, considering on top of all her obligations, she had a tendency to fall in love with a couple of vampires here and there. Fantastic FourFantastic Four: The Last StandX-Men: Anyone who's been bullied or felt judged for being different can relate to Lawrence's Mystique.

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Days of Future Past Although theoretically a villain, Jennifer Lawrence's performance as Mystique in the most recent X-Men movies has altered the shape-shifter's definition to, at the very least, antihero. During these free spins your wins will be multiplied between 2x and 5x depending on your success in the base game and Cat Burglar Bonus feature.

It makes her continued narrative all the more captivating.

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Because there are so few exemplary portrayals of female superheroes, you'll find that the lowest-ranking characters here are plenty flawed — and so we're quite critical of them. The Last Stand Rebecca Romijn's take on the shape-shifting supervillain Mystique will always be monumental because what would this era of X-Men films be without this character?

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Unlike Halle Berry's Catwoman, Pfeiffer's version leaned more toward the human side — making her more relatable — as the only new power she acquired was nine lives nothing to meow at. She was definitely relatable, but her character — like so many other female superheroes — suffered primarily from the chauvinistic attitudes on TV at the time.

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Age of Ultron, Scarlett Johansson turned out one of the strongest portrayals of a superhero's humanity when her character, Natasha Romanoff, opened up to Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner about her forced sterilization. Age of Ultron The 21st-century depictions of female superheroes have made excellent strides in exploring more human elements, even if the characters aren't actually human.

With this level of empowerment and growing equality comes a new layer of purpose, especially if the character in question is the protagonist in her own show or film.

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Daisy had a rough go of things in last season's finale spoiler alertin which her human father killed her Inhuman mother. Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers As seen in: The Last Stand never mind that she could, Gambling warning don't know, walk through walls?

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Out of all the superheroes on this list, Gellar's Buffy is the one who was the most like all of us. Lindsay Wagner's portrayal of the tennis pro turned spy gave viewers the thrill of watching the girl next door twist a metal pipe into a pretzel, or break into a safe with a flick of her wrist.

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