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It should be unnecessary to mention that all tactical console slots should be filled with tac consoles of the weapon type u are using… Your goal should be geting the tactical fleet consoles from spire: This is normaly way cheaper than the Exchange.

In the second part you will be told how to improve and optimize the keybind your own, such as be shown another weapon configuration. In general beam slots pve damage dealing theres no need for any buffs which dont heal u or increase your damage output except gravity well, what is pretty useful in some queues like infected for example useful damage buffs for these builds: The only disadvantage of this configuration is that most of the time your aux energy will be on 0, what will cause your heals to be pretty weak!

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The most important thing is to keep vsr slot bases running as often as possible! For a universal pve high dps beam boat we only use single beam weapons of!!! In general it is always smart to use the highest possible faw u can fit into your bridge officer layout!

Copyright maverick and DPS-League Channels This first part of the guide is a manual for absolute DPS-newbies, a few parts of the keybinds are not optimal for real high-dpsing however they will ease up adapting to all the changes regarding your built massively!

XD Compared to a2b this method only ensures 2 emergency power to subsystem abilities usually e. It is called Aux to Bat.

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As we always want to optimize this guide we would really appreciate any feedback from you! If u have enough tactical bridge officer slots to carry 2x fire at will, tactical team and attack patter beta with u, u can go and fly with the SECOND alternative, if not you should use the FIRST one as u can run each of your skills on global cooldown as if u had 2 of them with u!

Type the following in the chat window: For any questions or feedback feel free to contact us via ingame mail.

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The differences between them are pretty small. U can try, but even if u make it u will not have the time to pilot your ship as it in the following no deposit microgaming casino bonus 2015 will learn a method how we can lay the lines 4 of your skillbar on your shift button to make it easier for us to keep all the buffs cycled we want to.

It would be better to separate the Abilities more but this is an easy way to start with.

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For DPS beam boats avoid [Acc] modificators as good as possible as they are wasted modificators in this kind of build! How to spam easily will be explained later.

Shear Tab - Long Slotted Bolt Eccentricity

You could find our handles here. You should make sure, that your weapons have the [Pen] modifier. You should choose those modifiers wisely as they can have big impact on how your built works for example Drain Expertise Old: First of all create an empty. FIRE AT WILL faw This is the most important skill of this kind of built and it effects in combination with the bridge officer layout of the ship you chose wich of the 2 methods is the best for your ship!

More important than using an expensive high end weapon type like Antiproton, Elachi disruptors or phased Biomatter weapons is using weapons with the right modifiers! Flow Capacitors on plasmonic leech. Furthermore there are some universal consoles which are perfect to fill up your engineering console slots: It is also pretty useful for your dps output to have your emergency power to weapons as high as possible eptw3 as its damage buff increases significantly!

A T5 fleet attack cruiser for example has only 1 lt. This is the point of the story where you will have to use your brains, if u want or not!

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