Best in Slot (BiS) Resource for WoW (Patch - T22)

Best in slot prot warrior highmaul, tanking theorycraft for...

Special Thanks to players who have helped this guides growth comments and criticisms always welcome! Jes' Howler is your second best option assuming you can obtain it at a decent item level.

I prefer the tank cloak myself, since the DPS cloak's proc rate is severely nerfed for tanks and my own TW tank build is heavily offensive, so the cheat death proc helps with pug healers, plus the tank cloak has bonus armor on it.

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There is specific Azerite gear you will want to go for. I do not really know what trinket to use here. All gear has the potential to be competitive.

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Rockhide Bracers exceptional strength, 10 str gem gloves: It is looted from Jes Howlis in Tol Dagor. Galecaller's Beaklooted from Azurethos, a world boss. Colossus or Blade Warding also look really cool, but not sold yet. Also forgot to mention Bulwark of Azzinoth might be a fun alternative for BC dungeons, since its armor proc is pretty hefty even though I believe it gives reg armor and not bonus Last edited by Jaybee; at Making a best in slot list for every slot would be pointless and unhelpful.

All in all, if you come across gear that is an item level upgrade or has a socket and your current piece does notequip it.

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Intervene can be used to help the other tank avoid melee swings. Thanks for the shout-out man, I really appreciate it As far as a BiS prot set goes, I've actually been making one myself over the past month. The above guidelines do not apply to Azerite gear that is, the helm, shoulder, and chest slots. I generally try to find the best place to use this on an encounter basis.

Since WoD, all tank specs gain some degree of defensive benefit from offensive secondary stats, so you can kind of have your cake and eat it too. This is what I got so far; helm: Currently we are doing well from a survivability stand point. It can be traded or holdem elleri from the auction house.

SoO tier greater tiger fang inscription, 10 str gems cape: Spellbound Runic Band of Elemental Invincibility 50 crit trink1: For example, some trinkets have special effects that are extremely powerful, and you will want to seek them out regardless of item level. Obviously if your going to be away from the other tank most of the encounter this is terrible. Can and should be used often!

As a general rule of thumb, any increase in item level is an upgrade.

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Even one of the top raiding guilds, Method, used a protection warrior as a main tank Sco of Method throughout their WoD Raiding Progress. Durumu's Severed Tentacle 50 crit, 10 str gem ring2: Our Highest Damage mitigation Cooldown. It is a crafted item that can be traded or purchased from the auction house.

If two pieces of gear are the same item level, equip the best piece according to the stat priority. Vigilance is such a great cooldown for the other tank!

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Now, there definitely are cases where specific gear can be best in slot. Very short Cooldown with a pretty decent amount of damage reduction. Everything is situational, so trying to come up with a list for gear that is "best" in all situations would not be possible.

SoO tier glorious stats, 10 str gems bracer: With the Tier 18 tier set this becomes an extremely powerful cooldown.

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So since other rings give base bonus armor I just elected to go with those instead. For some reason that belt has a weird item budget that gives it more bonus armor than any other MoP item, so I feel its a natural choice since it also has 2 sockets.

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