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Big slot machine wins 2013, related videos

Now, I set myself a budget every week for playing online and I get to the actual casino about once a month or so. Sorry, some of us genuinely get a thrill from playing slots. A bunch of people who were standing nearby watching cheered or made disgusted noises. I often feel that I have to defend my love of slot machines to other people — especially poker players.

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We can only dream… I really like this one, it really conveys that feeling of excitement you get with free spins, so tense as he chooses from the shamrocks! Finding the star advanced you to the next screen.

I was just playing 40 cent spins 2x 20 lines for less than 5 minutes and got the jackpot screen. Huge Bonus win, very loose machine when it wants to be and usually pays back your minimum bet with every spin. I'd never played machines with multiple progressive bonus before, and everyone around me was playing like they were in a tournament, smacking the buttons as fast as they could.

A nice one here on the Montezuma Madness slot, on a nice low bet too.

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People using their smartphones to shoot video of slot machines when they hit a bonus round then uploading it to Youtube. Let us know in the comments if you find any great videos. Look down for the slots videos… Anyway, I love slots. Everybody around me swore, banged their machine, or stood up.

Casino off 75 oklahoma

My machine itself still didn't indicate anything, but there was something on the big screen pointing down at my position can't remember what the graphic looked like. Busy and noisy casino, I had tuned out the sounds that weren't coming out of my machine.

Casino ejoy

I love this slot and this is a nice win. There was no indication on the screen of what I'd won, or even that I had; I was looking at all points of my display trying to find a dollar amount or some indication of why the machine locked up. She said, "You won!

Roulette mit system erlaubt

Then gets a big win of coins, but wait, take a look at the credits before that win and they have more thancredits! Way too many people like big slot machine wins 2013 30 hung around waiting to see me paid, so I asked for a security escort from the slot pay folks and took the money up to the room and locked it up.

Watch some big slot wins.

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The nice part was that I'd lost about 2K in the prior days, and we were leaving that afternoon, so I banked a nice amount when I got home. You had to find the star in one present about 60 presents per screen on 4 consecutive screens before you got a Party Pooper more of them on each screen; the remainder of the presents were dollar amounts, that were proportional to your bet.

Slot ram lenovo y50

I found what turned out to be the last star, my big slot machine wins 2013 stopped working, and I thought it was broken. I called it, I started this post in clearly anticipating Casino Twitching by years.

Caille brothers slot machine

Anyone know if this is WMS? If you can find this slot in your local casino get on it!

A new slot win series…

I love playing them, I love sitting at home with a beer and playing online and I love sitting in the blackjack programs with a beer and playing slots. This is either a compulsive, and pretty wealthy lunatic who has few other machines in their local casino, or they have genuinely found a faulty 50 Lions that actually does pay back every time!

He describes 50 Lions one of the tightest slots around in my experience, certainly one of the most boring as follows: It comes with a cautionary tale too. And one for those of us who have been beaten up by the IGT slot Cleopatra 2 too many times.