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Using a variety of techniques, including social engineering and SQL injection[] Anonymous also went on to take control of the company's e-mail, dumping 68, e-mails from the system, erasing files, and taking down their phone system. I will still be here in 10 years doing this — Will YOU?

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Embed Your Favorite Games: I am very much used to it. Operation Tunisia The websites of the government of Tunisia were targeted by Anonymous due to censorship of the WikiLeaks documents and the Tunisian Revolution. OUR Facebook page has been deleted.

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It is freely available to the public. They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice.

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Simply upload your game directly to the Addicting Games website using the game submission form. Information is not just handed out to someone who wants info on someone living in their street! But now that the company's e-mails are out, it appears it was also willing to do some not-nice things.

Every police force in the UK is aware of our database, and yet we continue And finally, please continue to attack me as much as you want. This cyber movement has been named as 'Operation India'.

Anonymous claimed responsibility the following day, stating that the attack was a "direct response to the Friday arrests of three individuals alleged black jack justice be associated with acts of cyber civil disobedience attributed to Anonymous. We may even sponsor it for cash!

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So bring it on. The Tunisian government responded by making its websites inaccessible from outside Tunisia.

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I have over 3, screenshots to prove her warped trolling and accusations she has made, including calling me a nonce. You see Harwood, you have done far worse to me or members of the UK database admin team, and yet when I expose you for exactly what you are — a troll — you, like the rest of them cry into your troll groups.

According to the figures, just eight requests have been made to the force in the first six months ofwith JUST one request resulting in a disclosure. To me, that sounds like a cover-up! So this is where the UK database was born.

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George Hotz Anonymous announced their intent to attack Sony websites in response to Sony's lawsuit against George Hotz and, specifically due to Sony's gaining access to the IP addresses of all the people who visited George Hotz's blog as part of the libel action, terming it an 'offensive against free speech and internet freedom' [] [] Although Anonymous admitted responsibility to subsequent attacks on the Sony websites, Anonymous branch AnonOps denied that they were the cause behind a major outage of the PlayStation Network in April