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She is kidnapped to North Korea and involuntarily married to Kim Jong-un. Jack trains her to say his trademark, "Good God, Lemon," and she attends baby leadership conferences. Jack is able to get out of it, however.

He was also cast in the role of Mr. Jack is a conservative Republican initially supporting Mitt Romney.

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Nancy is the one who tells Jack. Jack is described by his assistant Jonathan as being the "best gift giver in the world. This implication is furthered when Jack later confesses his sins to an ill-prepared priest. At some point, he wrote a book entitled Jack Attack: This is evidenced by the fact that he experiences physical withdrawal symptoms when he attempts to stop drinking.

Colleen Donaghy Elaine Stritch — Jack's overbearing mother who lives in a Florida retirement home; her maiden name was Murphy, a family Jack considers to be "a bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists ". Jack considers both of them a disgrace to the Donaghy name which they both pronounce differently from Jack and each other. Jack remains in his position as head of NBC, telling Liz Lemon how many times an episode she can use the phrase "cat anus".

At first, Jack doubts the story because he hasn't heard anything, but then he finds out from Welch that the sale is happening and that Geiss is dead. Liz suggests that Jack finds Asian women in their twenties especially attractive, [62] though he has intimate relationships with women of other races including African-American Condoleezza RicePuerto Rican Elisa Pedrera and numerous Caucasians.

The Art of Aggression in Business.

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The dog had earlier been neutered, causing Jack to charge his mother with "cutting Pop's balls off. Jack participated in Hands Across America and at some point personally coined the phrase "what's the upside?

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Jack also admits that he and Avery only married because of Avery's pregnancy. Jack finds that he is not a match and organizes a " We Are the World "-type charity called "Kidney Now," with celebrities singing a song that asks anyone who is a match to give Milton a kidney.

He succeeds this by funding a " gay bomb ," a weapon that would cause enemy soldiers to "go totally gaybones for each other. He briefly tried to develop a friendly relationship with the writers, particularly Liz, and made it clear that his feelings were hurt when Liz told him to stay out of the writers' room although he apparently couldn't let go of his pride to say this directly.

For example, he changes the name of The Girlie Show without consulting Liz and then refuses to tell Jenna that Liz had nothing to do with it, because he thinks Liz needs to learn how to handle her employees. Avery returns to the United States in exchange for a North Korean spy.

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Jack never masturbates during Avery's absence, [44] as he claims to have never "Mommy Daddy sheet monstered" himself. One of the celebrities, Elvis Costelloultimately proves to be a match and saves Milton's life himself.

Getting in an argument with Milton about politics, he says to Liz that he does not want to tell Milton, but Liz convinces him otherwise. Jack's mother had a sexual relationship with a man named Milton Green during this time, making him Jack's biological father. Much to Liz' annoyance, he has even tried to "help" her with issues in her personal life, his reasoning that the quality of her life will reflect the quality of her work.

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In the series finale, He reconnects with ex-girlfriends Nancy and Elisa, convincing them to embark in a group relationship despite both women's devout Catholicism and Elisa's imprisonment in a Puerto Rican prison. Celebrity love interests[ edit ] Before his marriage, Jack usually dated women who are celebrities or powerful figures in the media.

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Greta Van Susterenjournalist implied in " Jack-Tor ", "showered with. Kennedy 's death [11] and for his father leaving.

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Margaret Alice Kremelberg — a teenage relative seen sitting silently and scowling through the family reunion; she is implied to be his illegitimate sister, but it is also mentioned that she "certainly has Mom's smile. Gordon Liddyand Jack's martial arts teacher, Lih De.

At some point, though as yet unexplained, he underwent a complete reversal of his philosophy and became a conservative Republican. Jack once practiced martial arts under Chuck Norrisbut they had a falling out after he switched to black jack pizza frederick colorado dojo. He also played hockeythe piano and the flute as a child, prompting his mother to embarrass him by having him play " The Star-Spangled Banner " on said flute in front of the hockey team, which he also captained.

Jack acquires "full stake in the Arby's franchises [he and Bianca] bought outside of Telluride " in the divorce settlement. The two end up sharing a kiss in the days before Avery returns home. Jack contemplates sleeping with Kathy Geiss to save the company from Banks' plan to shut GE down completely for two years, but is able to avoid this with Liz's help.

Similar to the plot of Casino 17eme MiaJack finds that he has three possible fathers. So far, he has almost always appeared on the show in suits and he considers tuxedos appropriate evening wear for any occasion "It's after six.