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Colum's younger Jacobite brother, who leads the clan in battle because his older brother is disabled.

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He picks up languages very easily, and after initial conflict he falls in love with the mysterious Claire. She faints when investigating a buzzing noise near the stones; upon waking, she encounters Frank's ancestor, Captain Jack Randall. Using Claire as leverage, the captain demands Jamie surrender the pistol, then picks it up and points it at Jamie.

Alex knows he is dying and he writes to Mary to tell her around October. Randall thinks out loud about who she might be working for and why, but lucia slot no firm conclusions.

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He then tells Claire that he knows about Jack, but it doesn't matter because he is his brother. In gratitude, Alex summons Jack to give Claire information about the English troop movements. When Alex comes to he is taken to the Guard's Headquarters in the Bastille with Jamie to explain what has happened.

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Claire's husband in the 20th century and a history professor with a deep interest in his genealogy and heritage. Mary wakes in a drugged stupor and hallucinates that she is being raped.

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Frank conducts research into his family history and Claire goes plant-gathering near standing stones on the hill of Craigh na Dun. When chance again brings her to his attention, Captain Randall tells Dougal to bring Claire to him for questioning.

Alex asks Claire to return the next day with Jamie. As the Gaels inexpertly attend their injured comrade Jamie, Claire uses her medical skill to set Jamie's dislocated shoulder. He also took Jamie as a foster son for a time as a teen. Alexander dies later that same night. Jamie takes her to his home of Lallybroch, where they meet Jamie's sister Jenny and her husband, Ian.

A strapping young Scottish redhead with a complicated past and disarming sense of humor. While imprisoned with Geillis, Claire learns that Geillis is part of the plot to restore King James to the Scottish throne along with Dougal and that she is also pregnant with his child.

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With swords as the weapon of choice, they fight until Jamie wounds Randall, driving the blade through Randall's groin. She murders her husband, Arthur Duncan. Jamie offers himself in Claire's place, and Randall frees Claire into the woods.

Though married to Frank Randall in the 20th century, she falls for Jamie Fraser in the 18th century. Claire and the MacKenzie clansmen attempt to rescue him, but they fail, and Claire is captured by Randall, who threatens to have her raped.

Thus, Jack becomes the legal father of his unborn biological nephew, Denys Alexander Randall. Just as Claire had told him before leaving Wentworth Prisonthree years previous, Randall dies at the Battle of Culloden on April 16, Jamie and Claire are hosting an important dinner party that evening which blackjack pizza sheridan boulevard be canceled without a good explanation, and they must keep Mary's rape a secret to save her reputation.

They both suffer a shock, having each thought the other dead since the previous winter, but the more tense encounter is that between Randall and Jamie.

Dougal has four daughters with his wife, and a son with Geillis Duncan. He tells them that a patrol from Ruthven Barracks brought the dog tags in. Jamie is forced to punch Alex out to stop the situation turning into a complete melee.

To demonstrate his intention to use whatever means necessary to extract the truth from her, Randall punches Claire in the stomach. Claire tells Jamie her real story, and he takes her to Craigh na Dun. Jamie's godfather, who is taciturn, quiet and brave, and very loyal to Jamie, whom he cares for as a son.

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Somehow, Randall survives, though obviously not undamaged. Claire tells Randall that she is a witch and tells him the exact day of his death, which she knows from Frank's family history. At first he does not accept Claire, but changes his mind when he sees how much Jamie loves her.

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Thus, while he is an equal-opportunity rapist, his position allows him greater access to male prisoners, whose vulnerability and helplessness make their silence more assured than that of any women he might molest.

Eventually Claire and Geillis are charged with witchcraft while Jamie is away, but Jamie returns in time to save Claire.

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After a number of weeks, when he is close to death, Mary returns and comes to visit him immediately with Claire. Described by his creator as a "sadistic bisexual pervert," [3] Randall seeks sexual pleasure not only by causing physical harm to his victims, but by inflicting the maximum emotional and spiritual anguish in the process. By all appearances a handsome second son of a nobleman, his carefully constructed public persona completes the picture of a successful officer in the British Army, while it also disguises his darker desires and practices.

Personality Edit If there are two sorts of leaders — one who commands the respect of their men, and one who leads by instilling fear — Jack Randall is surely the latter. Alex asks Jack to do one last thing for him, and Claire realizes that Mary is pregnant and Alex wants Jack to marry her.

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When Jamie and Claire arrive, Alex tells them he is waiting for one more person.