FATGUYFOODBLOG: Feel the burn! Poppin' Jalapeno Doritos!

Black pepper jack doritos buy, wednesday, march 2,...

We simply feel like the chips are too big, and their texture is so thick that they no longer encompass the same light and crispy Doritos we have all loved for so many years. A few of the snacks on this list were once discontinued but were brought back by popular demand. But then drop everything else and go get a bag of these.

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Don't get me wrong, I still eat food that's bad for me often enough, but Doritos? Anyone try the "Quest" Doritos yet?

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I just meant that I typically think of Doritos as the kind of crappy snack food that only high-school kids -- and, of course, stoners -- eat. After a while your tongue is on fire, but it's a flavorful fire that you've earned through ripping through half a bag of chips.

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There were a ton of those in this one small bag that I had! Anyone else out there tried them yet? The Zesty Taco mixed bag version they have out now haven't tried them Michael Corvin Quaker Oats Company only produced the crispy sweet corn and oats cereal for one year.

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You spy one down in the bag and your fingers descend into the darkness like the robotic arm on an aquatic sub trying to carefully collect full house casino rentals ottawa sample from the ocean floor.

It's this year's mystery bag. While ranking the popularity of discontinued snacks was not possible with the data available, all of these snacks are relatively popular. Chips discovered at Walmart; Countryside, Illinois. Poppin' Jalapeno Doritos are great. Which is why we offer you the following confession: If I am, drop some comment knowledge on me. If you're into a solid tongue burn and a heavy amount of cheesy pepper resorts world manila casino hours, you will dig these.

They are the diamonds in the rough. Have you looked at the ingredients? If I remember correctly, I had the latter.

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Are you sure you're posting from the US. Here's how you can get ahold of us: These chips are cool! Wednesday, March 2, Feel the burn!

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Well, unless you count self control.