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An inspection of the work by the State Fire Marshal is not required if the work is inspected by the private certificate holder or building department. In conducting reviews pursuant to this section, the State Public Works Division of the Department of Administration, building department or private certificate holder, as applicable, shall verify that the plans, designs and specifications comply with: The organization may use the field at any time that: If the real property is subject to the requirement of an independent appraisal pursuant to NRS Authority of board of trustees to expand duties of panel in larger counties.

The board of trustees of a school district may not request reimbursement for the costs and expenses associated with the use of a school library by the general public pursuant to NRS The cost of the books and supplies is a legal charge against the school district fund.

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Duty of board of trustees to provide administrative support and information. At the session held pursuant to the provisions of NRS If the board of trustees is selling a house or other structure built by pupils enrolled in a program of instruction offered by a public school in the school district, at any public meeting held pursuant to the provisions of NRS In all listings, the board of trustees shall specify the minimum price or rental, the terms of the sale or lease, and the commission to be allowed, which must not exceed the normal commissions prevailing in the community at the time.

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Any adjustment of the amount of the rental shall not be for an amount less than that provided in the original agreement unless the board of trustees determines that it is in the best interest of the school district.

The requirements of this subsection are not satisfied if the plans, designs and specifications comply solely with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards set forth in Appendix A of Part The provisions of this section apply to all sales and leases of real property, except leases and rentals subject to NRS The clerk of the board of trustees shall turn over to the county treasurer, within 30 days after receiving it, all money, collected under the provisions of this section, and the money must be credited to the school district fund.

The board of trustees shall not furnish board, lodging, support and maintenance of pupils at any other place when dormitories and dining halls are regularly established.

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If the board of trustees votes to expand the duties of the oversight panel, the board of trustees shall: If, upon the call for oral bidding, any responsible person offers to purchase the property or to lease the property, as the case may be, upon the terms and conditions specified in the resolution, for a price or rental exceeding by at least 5 percent the highest written proposal, after deducting the commission, if any, to be paid a licensed blackjack 155 knife for sale estate broker in connection therewith, the oral bid which is the highest after deducting any commissions to sign shop slots paid a licensed real estate broker in connection therewith, which is made by a responsible person, must be finally accepted.

Equipment and materials for use in manual training, industrial training and teaching domestic science may be supplied to the pupils in the same manner, out of the same fund, and on the same terms and conditions as books.

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All moneys received from rentals or sale of real property shall be deposited forthwith with the county treasurer to be credited to the school district buildings and sites fund. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, an exclusive listing may not be given.

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