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It assigns the value of plus one to 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one to ten valued cards.

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When a player busts, the house automatically wins hollywood casino 400 starting lineup if the dealer busts, those who are still in the hand will win 1: A rule requiring the dealer to hit all her totals of 17, including soft Money that a player deposits at the cashier cage and then uses to draw markers.

Decision made by a player not to receive any more cards or the casino rule that requires the dealer not to draw any more cards to her hand.

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An abbreviation used to signify that the rules of a particular blackjack game include requiring the dealer to hit a soft seventeen. If the peeker doesn't register a ten-value card or ace, play continues.

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Rummy royal casino blackjack game where the initial two cards dealt to players are face down. Back Counting - Back counting is a term referring to players who stand behind a table in play counting cards.

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It is assumed that an ace in your hand counts as 11 unless your hand exceeds a count of 21 geant casino tondeuse gazon which case the ace can revert to a count of 1. Area in a blackjack abbreviation where a player converts casino chips into cash.

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As a verb, to count cards. A system of betting based on whether the current hand wins or loses.

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When the card counting tags for all the cards sum to zero. A rule that allows a player to give up his initial hand and forfeit half of his wager.

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A clear plastic device that holds all the cards that have been played. A side bet that the dealer has a blackjack.

Hands without an ace, or with an ace valued at 1 are said to be hard in that they can only be given one value, as opposed to "soft" hands. Dealer's first card dealt, always face down.

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A technique for betting that optimizes logarithmic bankroll growth while minimizing risk.