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The Seven Original Inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame

Despite his fearsome reputation, Tommy is polite, soft-spoken, and always a gentleman. His book Radical Blackjacka memoir of playing blackjack at the highest stakes, with the details of the methods used to beat the casinos, will be available in Spring Max Rubin is also known for developing one of the highest-edge methods of blackjack team play.

To put it in the vernacular, he made zillions. Every year, the Hyland team players take millions of dollars out of the casinos.

The Blackjack Hall of Fame Honors Professional Gamblers

He was a personality on a grand scale, who legally challenged the casino industry in the courts of both New Jersey and Nevada. Revere's boomtown casino louisiana was so simple compared to the alternatives, that it has been employed by virtually every serious balanced point count system developer since, including Stanford Wong, Ken Uston, Lance Humble, and Arnold Snyder.

He is as loved by players as he is hated by the casinos. Arnold Snyder Arnold Snyder is a professional blackjack player who has been writing about casino blackjack for 30 years.

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The card-counting methods in use prior to Revere's book were cumbersome and mentally fatiguing to use. Anderson also wrote a guide for lower-stakes players, titled Burning the Tables in Las Vegas.

John Chang John Chang has been known by casinos and the public for over 20 years as manager of the MIT blackjack team, which has won many millions of dollars from casinos in Las Vegas and around the world using a variety of card-counting and other professional gambling techniques, many of them first analyzed and pioneered by John.

If you ever look at the "true count" methods being casino equipment buy pre-Revere, you will understand why Revere was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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Thorp's early experiences as a card counter, see "The First Counters: Grosjean has also worked with Keith Taft on a blackjack computer that was used in a casino situation where computer play was legal.

He described how these methods could be used to evaluate the differences between single-level and multi-level counting systems, as well as the value of using multi-parameter methods keeping more than one count.

These excluded portions were published in Blackjack Forum in June,and can be found now in the BlackjackForumOnline. There are marked cards, computer shoes, "hold-out" gizmos for card-switching, and all kinds of cool stuff. Knowledgeable card counters are familiar with all of them.

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Although the game of blackjack had been played in casinos for years, and although all of the other common casino-banked games had been mathematically analyzed by this time, blackjack had not been analyzed because all of the experts agreed that the game was simply too complicated.

As a serious player, Revere's knowledge of the game included such esoteric techniques as shuffle-tracking and hole card play. Max Rubin Max is the author of Comp City first published in Keith and Marty may, in fact, have literally invented the concept of computer "networking," as they were wiring computer-equipped players together at casino blackjack tables 30 years ago in their efforts to beat the games.

Although the Four Horsemen did not realize it at the time, the strategy they published inwhich also included the first legitimate card-counting system, was the first published blackjack strategy to provide a player advantage over the house with a flat bet. Recent computer simulation carried out by ETFan at Blackjack Forum Online, using the PowerSim blackjack simulation software, shows that the strategy provided a player edge of 0.

The book caused a falling out between Al and Ken which lasted for years, as Al felt Ken had betrayed his trust as well as his teammates. To read more about Peter slot O.

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Arnold Snyder has provided an Introduction for the book, and Ed Thorp has written the Foreword, in which he states: His playing career spanned two decades of play at the highest levels, and included card counting, BP teams, hole card techniques, and concealed computer play. And even though Tommy has had his name and photo published in the notorious Griffin books more times than any other player in history, he continues to play and beat the games wherever legal blackjack games are offered.

One of the particularly impressive things about the Four Horsemen's accomplishment was that they determined an accurate basic strategy using only desk calculators or what used to be commonly called "adding machines"as they began their work while in the Army inand computers were not available to them at that time.

These were the most popular and widely disseminated systems in use for about ten years, and Julian Braun's programs were used to develop all of them. There is also a museum of cheating devices. He was the first to break down the potential gains available from any card counting method to two prime factors: Thorp, and Stanford Wong.

They have made money at blackjack using virtually every form of advantage play ever invented, and they were part of the development of several high-edge methods.

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The seven original inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame in alphabetical order were: