What are the Odds of Losing 6 Hands in a Row?

Blackjack chance of losing 10 times in a row, the...

You probably mean “probability”

My total play was just the hands I mentioned above, which included no losses at all. Now re-read your first sentence and understand that much more than someone who is trying to learn how to be a winning counter, you, LTC are first and mostly a casino employee. Play enough years and hours and anything can happen.

This Man Won $15M at Blackjack, How Did He Do It?

Stating that a form of cheating is seeing the dealers hole card! It doesnt faze me anymore, I know its part of the game.

How you handle this may result in your playing not at your optimum in future sessions and result in one becoming what I call a wannabee counter. I turned back around that way and found my wife looking over my shoulder, none-too-amused at the direction of my stare or the drool on my chin or whatever else she noticed.

Cards are not coming out random as they should to make the game fair. Now I am not naive enough to believe the pit really wants this guy to win five grand a hand, and I was sure that the guy had a losing history with that store, but hand after hand he seemed to be winning while doing everything against the book, gets up around 30 thousand and quits while being congratulated by the pit.

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The law says no, but casinos believe just what you said. This is what has burned out many 3cp games, the dealers are sloppy extracting the 3-card hands from the shuffler exposing the bottom card.

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Play enough and these streaks unfortunately will happen and they will damage your bankroll, at least temporarily. Inept game management, not understanding what they supervise, so some flat bettor gets lucky and they toss him.

Ive read some of these and am curious. When I bet small I expect to lose on most hands and when I bet big I expect to win on the most hands when playing blackjack!

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Actually, as you know, it is pathetically funny, that anyone in table game management would toss a flat better what you must have appeared to be who got lucky. Why is my seeing your sloppily exposed hole card, cheating?

If I owned a casino, I'd fire everyone that made those kinds of decisions. The 8 your neighbor got which busted him would have been yours and the 5 his neighbor drew would have And the casinos shut down the games rather than addressing the real problem of the dealer being sloppy. It is easy to just quit in asian slot machine tokens highly positive shoe or steam thinking you still have the edge, will get it back in one hand or two and overbet your already depleating bankroll.

First of all, this article addressed the losing nature of reverse progression as related to BlackJack almost. My backoffs came mostly from prior acts, executed when I sat down to buy in, rather than from something going on in the live game.

Your question is incomplete

Just because you, the dealer is sloppy and your superiors have done a poor job in making sure you are properly trained, makes me a cheater? The complete opposite approach: It makes you a lousy dealer for the house good dealer for me, though.

Never by itself of course. No wonder they allow basic strategy charts. The cards do not remember if you lost 4,10 or in a row! I haven't played enough to be chased out of every casino known.

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How you handle these, especially the losing streaks that come in high counts, will determine much about your future in this game.