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Insurance is often considered to be a bad deal on behalf of the player, as it adds to the house edge. In some Blackjack games, the player has the opportunity to do this yet again if the player were to draw another eight on one of the other hands, and then even again after that, if applicable!

The advantage of playing European Blackjack is that it uses only two decks of cardsthus the house has less of an advantage than American Blackjack because European Blackjack players can adopt the strategy of card counting.

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Typically, you will not be offered the option to surrender if the dealer is showing an ace and in some cases, you may not be able to surrender at all. Overall, this variant is a great option for those that are familiar with basic blackjack and blackjack europeen gratuit to try something a little different without going too far off the beaten path.

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Please scroll down to view the next term The first rule change we euromoon casino no deposit code 2016 examine is whether or not a dealer hits or stands on soft, which is any hand that adds up to seventeen with the Ace counting as eleven.

The next rule that we must take a look at is the doubling rule, some casinos will allow a player to double on any two cards the player likes, whereas stingier casinos only allow doubling on certain hand totals which may either be nine through eleven, and sometimes, only hand totals of ten or eleven.

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The game was founded hundreds of years ago, but there are no firm details as to how the game came about. Below are a list of common terms, and how they will apply to your game. There are a few Blackjack games that allow unlimited re-splits, but it is extremely rare to ever resplit more than twice.

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European blackjack in particular has some rule changes that may seem minor, but which have an important impact on gameplay. Unfortunately, you can only play this game online in Flash format - live dealer blackjack tables still only feature the regular form of the game, at least for now.

This is the starting out point for all hands of Blackjack.

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When aces are split, players normally only get one additional card. Alongside American Blackjack, European Blackjack is one of the two classic versions of the famous card game However, splitting Aces against something like a dealer ten would be a good play, and it would be even better if the player could hit any soft hand lower than a nineteen total.

Early Surrender If you should find a table that allows early surrender then take it with any of the following hands.

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Hit and Stand- Requesting a Hit from a dealer means you want another card. What does Hard mean, you ask? I believe this will help everyone see how much of a difference the rules can make.

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Insurance- Insurance bets are made when the Dealer is showing an Ace in their hand. The most important of these is the fact that the dealer gets only one card at the start of the hand. You generally cannot Double Down after hitting.

The player would still not hit against a dealer four, five or six Otherwise, every card on the split aces will either give the player a completed hand or alternatively, the potential to take a hit to improve the hand with literally zero risk of busting.

The Rules:

For example, if the player is dealt a Hard 16 against any dealer card, except an Ace or Ten, which the player should Surrender, if allowed, and hit, if not then the player is supposed to split the eights and take a new card on each of the two eights in order to form two new hands.

The dealer normally stands on a soft 17, though this is not universal; when this is the case, it is slightly favorable to the player.

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There are other examples still, so this rule is not a negative only because the player would only be allowed to double on those hard hand totals, the player only doubles a hard eight in single deck games with these rules but mostly because it prevents the player from doubling on several soft hands.