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Bell Wing Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka Japanese ; Christopher Ayres English Leader of the Bandersnatch group of assassins and has a vagina grafted onto his hand. He is on trial for these murders and hires the Bandersnatch group and then Boiled to kill Balot and stop her from testifying against him in court.

This is implied in Dissidia with Kefka's mirror match quotes being compliments on the other Kefka's appearance.

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He wears a red and white striped ruffle around his neck and a red cloak with a yellow and red inner lining. Kefka is a manchild, referring to fighting as "playing" and treating Terra as a doll to be toyed with. She uses these technologies to defend herself against the assassination attempts by the Bandersnatch group and Boiled, and take her revenge against the man who tried to terminate jackpot slots gree inc. He utilizes telekinesis, and can project a pyramid-shaped magical field around him, although it is not specified whether it is intended to be a magical barrier, or a projection of his power.

It is implied Kefka is hated and feared by many Imperial soldiers for this reason.

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Kefka creates various new monsters to guard his tower, including the revived, but weakened, Warring Triad themselves. When the Returners infiltrate the Magitek Research Facility Kefka claims he is all-powerful, and intends to become a god, suggesting he suffers from megalomania.

Mincemeat the Wink Voiced by: In Dissidia Final Fantasy before the battle, she wonders if Kefka is being tormented when he repeatedly chants "destroy". In the former, his childish nature is emphasized, while in the western releases, he is depicted in a darker manner, shown knowing and enjoying the pain and suffering he inflicts on others.

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Norio Wakamoto Japanese ; Justin Doran English Member of the Bandersnatch group who collects fingers and wears them as a necklace around his neck. In the original Final Fantasy VI, Kefka's sprite gave him slightly gray hair, presumably in an attempt to make him look dirty blonde.

She is fired for losing to Rune Balot.

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Marlowe John Fever Voiced by: Now knowing the most powerful magical attacks, including UltimaKefka levitates debris from around the world to form his tower. The first novel was published in Mayand the final novel was published in July This is a result of him having been made into a Magitek Knight before the process was perfected.

Norito Yashima Japanese ; Andy McAvin English An artificial Intelligence multidimensional construct that can transform into any object or weapon, but mostly appears as a small male mouse. He attacks Sabin in the Imperial Camp with a simple Morning Starand could be injured by any attack although he remarks after the second battle he was holding back.

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In his field sprite in the original Final Fantasy VI, as well as alternate artworks and, to a lesser extent, an alternate costume in Dissidia Final FantasyKefka wears green robes with gold linings and red clothing. He is also hired by Shell to kill Balot. In this form, the only resemblance Kefka retains to his human self is his ponytail, which is longer, with strands flowing upwards, and the feather that remains in his hair as a final reminder of Kefka's once-extravagant dress sense.

Kefka acquires more power by absorbing the espers' strength, and by the time he arrives in Thamasahe can project illusions, single-handedly kill dozens of espers while being immune to their powers, and presumably can use Banish.

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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Cleanwill John October Voiced by: She is retrieved and changed into a cyborg by Dr. Kefka creates a new spell called Forsakenknown as "Goner" in the original U.

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Flesh the Pike Hacker in the Bandersnatch group who has breasts transplanted onto his body. Yumiko Kobayashi Japanese ; Corey Hartzog English A human cyborg created and living within the Blackjack ova 2 created by three scientists but now taken over by the government.

The Dissidia series also hints at his having crossdressing tendencies.

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Kefka doesn't even consider destruction fun unless lives are lost in the process. Similar to his standard appearance, his god of magic form's appearance in Dissidia is altered slightly by giving him gold, curved, vein-like markings on his chest as well as his shoulder blades jutting out of him, in addition to a Glasgow smile.

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Medium the Fingernail Voiced by: To avoid dealing with his guilt, he has his memories removed and stored as digital data. The first woman he killed was his mother who sexually molested him as a child.

However, Forsaken does not ignore defense, limiting its potential power.