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The Jazz performs well for bluesy crunch tones, as well as some fat clean tones. The Seymour Duncan Full Shred was expertly chosen for this guitar.

Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1

Normal mode infinitely sustains any note, with no coloration, while the Mix mode sustains the note and sometimes morphs the sound into the second or third harmonic. A Seymour Duncan Full Shred pickup handles the bridge-position sounds, and master volume and tone knobs control both pickups. Schecter has given the neck a brand-new profile geared for those who prefer a very thin and fast neck that delivers comfort and speed.

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The heavy wood allows you to take big chunks out without sacrificing tone. The neck is set into the body and heavily sculpted at the heel for an easy grip in the upper registers.

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The Harmonic mode sends a sustained note into fifth or seventh harmonics, like a beautiful natural feedback. The large headstock, TonePros bridge and wide body dimensions work in gr88 casino no deposit bonus codes 2015 to create loads of natural sustain and thumping low mids. An intensity knob and two mini toggles control the system: I personally found it best for playing some Killswitch Engage-style riffing.

Regarding rhythm playing, I found that it performed power chord filled and heavy riffing styles very well. Now I see why they call it Full Shred. Similar to the Damien Platinum that we reviewed a while backthe Blackjack SLS comes with a mahogany body, maple neck, and maple top.

Just check out our Free Guitar Enhancement Package to see more about that! The pickup attack is very quick and powerful as well.

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As a result, they weigh no more than the average alder or ash body. Even though there were a few tiny issues, I was overall really satisfied with this guitar.

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In all seriousness though, the pickup was definitely built for the modern shredder in mind. So you are guaranteed to quality instrument. Speaking of sustain, the C-1 FR-S is loaded with an active Sustainiac system, which doubles as a neck pickup.

The mahogany body is also great to use when routing for a Floyd Rose. We upload new articles daily so if you liked this one, make sure to check out some more!

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Also thanks to the compound radius, the lower-end has a bit more chunkiness to the neck so you can really dig into some rhythm playing. Sleek in hand, tricked for high-gain performance and famous for their perfect out-of-the-box playability, these guitars are favorites of budget-conscious shredders.

The harmonics are full and make for great dive bombs. There was a finish imperfection that I found on the back of the guitar near the upper horn, as well as some overspray on the binding near the headstock.

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Tones through the Full Shred pickup are impressively clear, even in drop-tuned setups. There were no issues with the frets or setup, and the guitar held tuning very well. Coming in at around 7lbs, this guitar is quite light for being made of mahogany. My test model included the optional flamed maple cap, which adds a small amount of extra edge to each note. The Blackjack SLS is the latest addition to this brood.

Unfortunately there were a few minor aesthetic issues, which are sometimes overlooked. This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana. The highlight of this guitar is how comfortable it is to play!

The resulting energy feels controlled and balanced, allowing players to sweep without heavy palm muting and achieve the same tones no matter how hard or soft the attack.

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We have a sweet guide to different tonewoods available if you want to read more. There are individual volume controls for each pickup and a master tone. Before even plugging it in, I enjoyed the loud, deep sounds I could get out of it. Each is created from three strips of maple, ensuring greater overall stability and practically eliminating the possibility that it will twist or warp.

Luckily for you, if you want this guitar and order it through our shop, we carefully examine each guitar before sending it out. These tried-and-true tonewoods deliver a balanced, warm sound with a low-mid focus. Available in 11 variations, it features a body of solid mahogany to create a heavy midrange and powerful lows.

I do wish it was a bit brighter so I could see more of the flame.