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Anime and movies are different mediums.

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Now pick your favorite and go hunt some Shadows! Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here. So, what series are suitable, in my opinion? Neither has anything to do with the source material outside of a few pictures.

The thing is, neither of them is better than the other. Add your favorite games from AddictingGames. I mean, geez, just look at this opening — so much creativity in just 90 seconds! Distraught, Eren decides to join the Survey Corps and leave the comfort of his own home in order to kill all the Titans… And then Titans attack and everybody he knows dies, safe for his best friends Mikasa and Armin.

However, what we expect to see is the essence of the story, its core.

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Up until now, the question of whether Western or Japanese games were better was purely a matter of preference. Sadly, not even Nico and Maki can save this otherwise very boring and typical cast of characters. They need the revenue just to exist. Eren, out of nowhere, has the ability to turn into a Titan at will.

2. Fate/Extra

And yet those very same hardcore fans are later disappointed by the revelation that character personalities, appearances and relationships have been completely altered for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Pressured by everyone to repeat her success, Tsukiko starts looking for a way to escape… and finds it when, rather conveniently, a young boy on roller skates attacks her in a parking lot, giving her an excuse to take a few weeks off.

And check back often!

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Japan, on the other hand, does things a bit differently. But why is that? Why is this anime so unbelievably popular, to the point where it has overshadowed everything else released in the last 3 years?

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Keep in mind that, one exception aside, most of the Kiznaivers are complete strangers despite being in the same class, so the experiment acts as the push they need to truly bond and become friends, which is fascinating to watch.

Off-topic threads get deleted pretty quickly, there are dedicated topics for each currently airing series, that kind of stuff.

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We keep the list updated with the latest and greatest free online games! A lot and I do mean a LOT of mangas lose their steam after the first few arcs.

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And while they appear to have backed down on that decision, at the time it truly angered many fans of their franchises, including me. This is the best place on the web to play games for free! And besides that, the main character can stretch his body like rubber — just think about the countless bonus games you could create with that!

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Now, 30 years after the original manga was first published, new projects bearing the name continue to be made. Ha, you know nothing, Jon Snow! Written by Yoshiyuki Okamura better known by his penname Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara, Hokuto no Ken, also known as Fist of the North Star in English, became one of the biggest pop culture phenomena to ever come out of Japan.

Second, its themes and characters are timeless. Real life actors, on the other hand, are not cartoons, and as a result are capable of portraying a lot more subtlety than their drawn counterparts.

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Remember when in Marvel announced release dates for all of their movies going forward 5 years? The drama comes naturally, but the comedy is enforced by your typical wacky character archetypes the normal guy albie casino mom, the shy, quirky romantic interest, the tsundere, the aloof superior, the womanizer — you know the drill doing typical wacky things.

I was thinking about that a few days ago, more specifically wondering how to make them better. Even so many years after its inception, the series is still going as strong as it always has while other manga series have slowly dimmed away until nobody even cared about them.

1. Conception II

Persona 3 vs Persona 4 — Which is Better? We may even sponsor it for cash! Almost every single party member has to deal with the loss of someone in their life. Aside from story mode, you can play in a variety of tournaments and extra battles, against the AI or against your friends.

Party members die, deal with depression, consider suicide, undergo nervous breakdowns, but ultimately come off as stronger people than they have been before their ordeal. Blackjack teaser is better than the other, so I guess the final result is a… Draw?