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You may have guessed by now that you need only to create a Report Formats folder inside of the shared AeData folder and define this path in the WD. Insert the ladder and rungs as usual. Disconnect Switches and multi-pole Fuses are handled much the same way. This will result in one sum total listing for all TB3 boards, regardless of the master part they are associated to.

Select the library you wish to edit. If you do decide to enter a network path for the slide library files, then you must copy all of the bitmaps from the C: Next I have the class use the Uniform Spacing option and specify the left-to-right spacing between each footprint symbol so the three fuse holder footprints insert next to one another, yet appear as though they are one 3-pole fuse holder.

These will not provide the report format you seek. Store any schematic symbols that you create or modify in the Custom Symbols folder. The Icon Menus for symbol insertion will still function from the network location without a redirect in the WD. It will insert the 3 child symbols Breaker slot or VCB2 onto the next available wires, and all 4 symbols will ultimately be joined by a dashed link line.

In this scenario, the bases were inserted first, then the retainer clips, using a common insertion point. Be sure to keep your local libraries and databases up to date with the ones on the network, so you have the latest data.

The Icons folder is where icons are stored for any additions you make to the Ribbon menu, and this folder should remain on your local drive. The default names of the cable data fields are as follows: Next, right-click at the command line prompt and select Options.

Use the Terminal Strip Editor a. Position them as shown below: In our class project we add the 3-pole fuse holder as a Multiple Catalog entry for the first fuse symbol only and we do not allow the update to update the other two fuses.

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Toggling between Standard Footprints and Wiring-Diagram-Style Footprints You can toggle between standard footprints and wiring diagram style footprints by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the Insert Footprint from Schematic List dialog. Until Autodesk enhances the Terminal Strip Editor and the Terminal Properties database to accomodate this need, what I do is edit the terminal properties to redefine the block as a 3-level block, internally-jumpered, allowing one wire per connection, as shown below.

We cannot edit the Footprint Database and create a permanent relationship between one fuse part number and separate 1-pole, 2-pole, and 3-pole footprints.

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There you have it. Be sure to save the image as a. I have the class use one fuseholder footprint that includes the graphic for a single fuse and its fuse holder, just as they would appear together in the panel. Replace the ambiguous node dots with terminal block symbols, since your power rail is actually made up of terminal blocks; not solder joints, wire-nuts, or a daisy-chain of wire.

This takes care of the schematic portion of the power bus.

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