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Pro Boat Blackjack 29″ Catamaran Brushless V3 RTR

Once it gets going, the Rio holds a good attitude and puts up a nice mini rooster tail. A guest will not be able to post questions or view pictures and videos.

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The rudders are tied together with a steel rod and a bell crank on the right rudder connects the servo to both rudders. You are then looking at two round hatches which are sealed to prevent water from entering. I had more fun with it that day than I had to date.

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Run time was close to 12 minutes and definitely slows brushless blackjack once the pack begins to dump. With that being said, will we see a brushless version in the future???

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Top removed Watertight hatches removed motor Supplying power to the motor is a 6-cell, mah NiMh flat pack online blackjack basic strategy Tamiya-style connectors. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

The rudder standoff brackets are plastic and a little on the fragile side.

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To post questions and to view pictures, you will have to register by clicking here register: It had no issues with heat and operated as expected. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us by clicking here. Please click here to Join now.

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For the new boater looking to get their feet wet, a young child wanting to experience the hobby, or anyone that needs to relax with a low maintenance boat, I would recommend the Mini Rio. The power plant within the Mini Rio is a standard sized motor.

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It gives it a descent speed for fun boating but just doesn't light the water on fire like I hoped it would. Turning can be smooth or neck brushless blackjack just give the wheel a little input and it will carve nicely, or crank it to full-lock and watch it spin out!

The cooling system is a standard design; a pickup tube mounted to the transom draws in water as the boat moves forward and passes it over a cooling plate attached to the motor, then expels it out the starboard right side of the hull.

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The speed control is a basic forward-only unit that has been sealed at both ends to prevent moisture from killing it. Beware of PMs that include pd gmail.

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In fact, the transmitter is just about the same size and seems to weigh more. When you hit the throttle, the Rio will cavitate for about 4 seconds before the prop grabs the water and off she goes. Luckily, Aquacraft's help desk sent me a new one free of charge which got me back on the water in a matter of days. I had a somewhat low speed encounter with the sandy shore of our ponds and the bracket snapped right off.

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There was a heavy chop on the pond and it made the Mini Rio catch air constantly. Important, Please make sure to add oseforum offshoreelectrics. My only issue was with the cavitation on start.