Guide To The Best Canadian Sports Betting Online

Canadian sports gambling websites, therefore,...

This is perfect for most customers as it doesn't involve any travelling to your local bookmakers or having the issue of being asked for identification when you are about to place a bet in the shop. Once you have registered with any site and made your first deposit, you will be ready to start betting. Handicapping in sports betting is exactly what it sounds like, you are simply placing a bet on a team or player who will start from a losing position.

More Canadian Guides on CardsChat. For example; placing a wager on a huge favourite is going to give you a small return, but you have a much better chance of winning and you can build your pot over time.

All you need to place your next bet is an internet connection. Below you'll also find our exclusive list of the best sports betting sites where you can enjoy a wide mix of sports: All bets have to be placed within your own account and cannot be spread into numerous accounts.

However, you can bet on the opposite team as your friend to give each bet an extra edge. However, there is one big difference between a teaser and a parlay bet, and that is the customer is allowed to move the point spread in any direction for one particular game in their bet. For example; if Canada were playing England in Ice Hockey and they were a huge favourite, there will be an option for customers to bet on Canada to win from a -1 or -2 position etc.

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With applications for all brands and operating systems, from the latest iPhone to your Android device from Sony, Samsung's Galaxy range, HTC or Nokia; to your ever faithful Surface Pro, Amazon's own Fire, or even your trusty Blackberry, there is guaranteed to be a sports betting site for you. In regards to Lacrosse, this is a fairly unusual sport to be popular in Canada as it's mainly only regionally popular in the United States.

If you plan on sticking your first deposit and build on it, as opposed to going for a big win, a slow and steady betting strategy is advised. If you're new to the online betting world, the following list will answer some of the typical questions that you may have in regards to online sports betting.

In order to give you, the player, the best possible experience when placing your next bet online all the real cash online betting sites that make it onto our recommended list have the following key aspects in common: As well as Hockey, Canadians are also fans of winter and lawn sports including Curling and Lacrosse.

Teaser bets are fairly similar to a parlay bet, in the sense that all teams selected must in order for the customer to win their bet. All of our Canadian sports betting sites are carefully reviewed for: Offline - what are the differences? Not only can Canadians play on government-sanctioned sites, but overseas sites are available to them too, which is a main reason why online sports betting is growing in this part of the world.

Sign up via one of our top links and you can even get yourself an exclusive real money bonus.

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How does it work? Every sport that is available for customers to bet on will be listed in a toolbar on each site and each link will take you to that sports page, ready for you to place your bets. A spread is a range of outcomes that are available for both teams and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below the spread.

Go Mobile with Your Next Sports Bet Take the convenience of online sports betting a step further and use the Blackberry, Apple, Windows or Android phone, or tablet, already in your pocket to place your next bet.

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It comes as no surprise that the number 1 sport among native Canadians is Hockey. A sports betting spread is to create an active market for both sides of a game rather than a win or lose outcome.

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Lacrosse - Canada's official "National Summer Sport", lacrosse is a game of "warriors" whose origins can be traced back to aboriginal Canadians and which is still followed religiously by its bevy of fans across Canada.

With the rising demand for more sites that offer sports betting online services to Canadians comes an increase in the number of sports bettings sites that can be accessed with your Apple iOS or Android device either through through the use of a mobile application or simply a or flash-powered site that allows you to access your favourite html5-based betting page straight from your mobile browser.

A single loss on any game will result in a losing bet. This doesn't guarantee winning, but it does go a huge way to up your chances of hitting that jackpot.

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Flexibility - offline bookmakers don't tend to have a wide variety of options for customers to bet on. Football - A favourite the world over, it's not uncommon for Canadians to use sports books to wager on U.