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Cashman tonight slot. ~Los Angeles Radio People, Where Are They Now?

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I will remember Bill Carlson always. Though I was no more than ten and my sister no more than seven, we were ushered right into the booth to sit next to Mr.

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Lori has returned to school and is working on a degree in music and archeology. Roger was one of two announcers represented by William Morris, and he attributes much of his work to the agency.

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Gary enjoys spending time with his dogs and volunteering for animal welfare organizations. According to the accounts of those sources, there David's writing includes a number of tv pilots. Dan was part of the original group of Creem magazine in Detroit. Was it the right move? Karen joined middays at KOST in the spring of I screwed up mornings for a couple of months.

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Jerry Boulding brought her to Urban Network where she would spend the next 21 years as a writer, vice president and business office casino sapulpa ok for the Urban Network PowerJam music conferences.

It was the one and only time I got a woman in trouble. Born April 2,he grew up in Plum City, Wisconsin. Rick was described in the LA Times as "a stocky, intense man with a wild growth of hair. There are a lot of names I leave behind.

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Actually, it's probably the tightest programmed format in the country, where the pd chooses all the songs by hand. But he said that religion was stupid and dangerous.

Some sort of chastity record for a dj. How has Xavier Cedeno worked out?

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I thought I'd try the small time, and I hated it. She eventually worked at KDAY.

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He left in late summer of for the CBS cluster job in Tampa. Milwaukee brought in three more veterans on Friday, the deadline for traded players to be eligible to postseason play.

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Ogden 1st Phone was the only thing I ever did that amounted to anything. Milwaukee was active, too, ahead of the non-waiver trade deadline on July 31, acquiring infielders Mike Moustakas and Carlson arranged for my mom, my sister and me to visit the station's Prudential Square studios.

Deirdre O'Donoghue humanitarian and Beatles host started the KPPC Community Switchboard that gave out information on health issues and other data that hippies needed to know to survive. Hired to do mornings as Maxx Mahimahi, and I victimized the Islands with the notorious election day gag of Waukegan White Sox fan since: