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Quality American comfort food, great sports and good friends - it doesn't get better then this unless you have box seats. You can even drive down Ft. This is about the closest you can get to fast food on the beach.

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If you want to try locally fished food, eat somewhere else. Littering teenagers led to the joking name of Chicken Bone Beach. Opal Beach is currently under construction and some features might be out-of-service, but you can still walk or bicycle down the beach road or enjoy the sun. Skip the coffee though, unless you like rubber-tasting Community Cup brews; instead, try their cinnamon-y House Latte, or their excellent cappuccinos.

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Casino Beach is busy, especially when the Blue Angels are scheduled for an air show. Most beach essentials can be found here. Now, there's a colorful variety of names for the beaches, some old, some new, and some really weird.

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This out of the way beach is located just before the Fort Pickens gate, and is one of the best beaches on the island. Just a short drive takes you from a rowdy party beach, to a calm kid-friendly one, to sand-dune protected solitude. Casino Beach is named for the Casino Resort, the first tourist destination on the island, which opened on the same day as the first Pensacola Beach Bridge in Beware of nesting bird areas and stay out of those areas.

There are no amenities here, and no lifeguards until summer of This beach tends to be less crowded than other beaches. The further you travel from the pier, the fewer crowds there are. Outside the open-air North Drop Bar serves a full menu, offers Island Cocktails and serves up live music on the weekends.

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Opal Beach was created after Hurricane Opal wiped out the sand dunes there inso it makes sense that the beach was named for the storm. It is mostly a parking area for the gulf side public beach. Take a seat on their roof patio, order a slice of their perfect key lime pie and a cup of coffee, and enjoy the best view of the sunset on the entire island.

It has restrooms, lifeguard protection, ample parking, good waves, lots of white sand and shells, and has far fewer people than the busy Casino Beach.

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This is the most popular beach in all of Pensacola, and has the most amenities. They also have a nice wine cellar.

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Because of recent budget cuts from the government, the Park Service is relying more and more on volunteers, so if you have the will to help, try it! There is usually live jazz on Sunday's. Langdon Beach is named for Lieutenant Loomis S.

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As the owners of Maria's Seafood in Pensacola, they can offer incredible seafood at good prices; try their local, Gulf-caught shrimp. Volleyball courts are available here.

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Walking the shoreline further to the west will lead you into Gulf Islands National Seashore property. A small Pensacola-based chain of shops featuring fresh-baked, from scratch bagels, Bagelheads has a popular location on Pensacola Beach. Free - price included in park admission.

Volunteers can lead tours, watch birds, paint cannons, and guard sea turtle nests, or can have less glamorous jobs, like litter patrol and answering phones. Store 12, Quietwater Beach Rd.