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Nauen-Paretzer Kanal, dist. Markt - Weimar, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist.

Tagungsabzeichen/Day Badges

Lugkanal, dist. In the sixth round, Williams landed a number of big shots and was thought to be on the verge of knocking Airich out, when the bell sounded with 1: Katharinen-Graben, dist.

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Plauer Kanal, dist. Airich's first defeat was against Danny Williams in a controversial fight. The construction of the bridge over the Elbe River occurred in and just 20 years later the town was chartered and received its right to hold markets. Quer-Graben, dist. His second loss was a majority decision loss to Ondrej Pala on 6 March In fleeing Prussians set the Elbe-bridge on fire again.

Alter Plauer Kanal, dist.

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From Rosslau was a point of origin for colonial crusades of the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Greata princess of the principality of Anhalt-Zerbst. Real Supermarket, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist. In the tramline between Dessau and Rosslau was put into operation. Airich lost the fight by unanimous decision. Vierengraben, dist. Lidl - Weimar, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist. Professional boxing record[ edit ] 23 Wins 18 knockouts18 Losses, 2 Draws [2] Result.

During the third round, Joshua knocked Airich down and the referee stopped the fight. Weimar Atrium, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist.

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Airich was the first fighter to go past the second round with Anthony Joshua despite the loss. Wernigerode Castle, Landkreis Harz,dist.

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Notte-Kanal, dist. Kino mon ami, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist. Karlsburg, Landkreis Nordhausen,dist. Aiding the town of Dessau in becoming the capital of the districtthe town Rosslau Elbe became suburbanised into Dessau from 1 April to 1 April which gave the town the required number ofinhabitants.

Peter und Paul, Kreisfreie Stadt Weimar,dist. Paretz-Nauen-Kanal, dist.