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Still, miracles happen in Las Vegas all the time. This is as close as it gets to public art in a pop-up casino. Instead of demolishing what was left of the hotel wings, which had seemed to catch fire every few years, the city instead demolished the stone exterior wall, pillar, and facade that held the sign.

Eventually management added a 2: Following a February decision to tear down the structures as a public nuisancethe third fire in four years on May 6,caused significant damage to the original hotel lobby building, but did not touch the remaining original exterior wall that held the signage.

Black tourism was non-existent. The Moulin Rouge is a unique opportunity for entrance into the gaming industry in Las Vegas without the cost and restriction of some of the regulations.

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They developed plans for an integrated hotel in a prime location--a site between the predominately white area of the Strip and the largely black west side. Additional properties that adjoin the site are available. Nevada Assembly bills designed to bar discrimination in public places had failed, the last by only one vote.

The site of the Moulin Rouge is in one of the worst neighborhoods in Las Vegas, unfortunately, and the site has pretty much been a dump since the original Moulin Rouge burned down in Design[ edit ] The complex itself consisted of two " Googie-populuxe " Modernist style stuccoed buildings that housed the hotel, the casino, and a theater.

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Initially, the night spot became so popular, a 2: The Eiffel Tower appears vertically on the sign of the establishment, and also on the casino chips, A French Chef is at the head of the largest gastronomic restaurant of the establishments From the entrance, security personnel are dressed in the uniform of the French Foreign Legion allusion to France and Edith Piafwho made a comeback after the war with Yves Montand at the Moulin Rougewhich, according to the press, adds a touch of glamour in Las Vegas.

Inunder threat of a protest march down the Las Vegas Strip against racial discrimination by Las Vegas casinos, a meeting was hurriedly arranged by then-Governor Grant Sawyer between hotel owners, city and state officials, local black leaders, and then- NAACP president Dr. Many of these artists were banned from gambling or staying at the hotels on the Strip.

Preservation and fires[ edit ] Although the Moulin Rouge complex remained shuttered for decades, many plans had been hatched to rebuild and reopen the cultural landmark. James McMillan and other black leaders at the Moulin Rouge.

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The property was a setting for filming the movie "Casino. The stylized "Moulin Rouge" neon sign was turned back on. The tower, which the city claimed was unstable, took nearly half a day of weakening to finally pull down. The remaining portions of the hotel and casino, including the front facade and iconic tower, were demolished in due to safety reasons.

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Opening night was a gala affair hosted by Joe Louis and featuring performances by The Platters and flashy chorus-line routines. When civil rights hopa casino reviews scheduled a march on March 26,to protest racial discrimination in Las Vegas resorts, hotel owners, city and state officials, and Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer hurriedly set up a meeting with NAACP president, Dr.

Although the Moulin Rouge closed in Octoberits short life had a lasting impact. The meeting was held on March 26 at the closed Moulin Rouge. Photograph by Oliver F. The Moulin Rouge casino suffered major fires in andleaving only a portion of the two-story hotel.

The sites may be sold separately.

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Nobody figured the SLS would happen on the site of the former Sahara, and that hotel will be opening even sooner than anticipated. The owners will consider selling the 5-acre site with the non-restricted gaming license separately with or without the adjoining sites. Most of the hotel owners agreed to integrate their establishments, and the planned march was canceled. Cue Tiny the Tumbleweed. In the meantime, we tip our hats to this feisty casino that changed Las Vegas forever, the Moulin Rouge, gone but never forgotten.

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A veritable "A" list of performers regularly showed to party until dawn. This location placed it in a prime location between the predominantly white area of the Strip and the largely black west side. The result was a hotel integrated at all levels, from employees to patrons to entertainers.

Hank Greenspunwho would become an important media figure in the town, mediated the agreement. By Decemberthe casino had declared bankruptcy. These iconic performers could do shows at other Las Vegas hotels, but were not permitted to socialize or stay at those hotels. Below is the temporary conditional gaming license used to keep the unconditional gaming license alive.

This grandfathered non-restricted gaming license does NOT require construction of a hotel and allows for other amenities and privileges not allowed under a new license. On the 5 acre portion of the site are the remnants of the old casino and on the 10 acre portion of the site, there are the remnants of a large apartment complex that is currently boarded up and will eventually be demolished.

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Seriously, what in the hell is the matter with people? The hotel made the June 20,cover of Life magazine, with a photo of two showgirls. The day seemed especially meaningful to African-American visitors. The hotel was also the spark needed to bring an end to segregation on the Strip.

It is this hotel requirement, that sometimes discourages new construction because of the cost of the hotel operations. Much of the buzz inside the one-day Moulin Rouge on June 11, was the simultaneous announcement of the supposed return of the Moulin Rouge.

Characteristic[ edit ] The hotel was located in West Las Vegas, where the black population lived.