An Overview of the Est. $4.4 Billion Social Casino Gambling Market

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And the problem with this? You can give them volatility like a roller coaster.

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These goods are advertised as costing money, even just a buck or two. Griffiths this can be bad too.

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Social gaming companies are responsible for them — what they do and what they sell — whether they own them or not. These sites are often credit card fraud rings who buy chips and then re-sell them.

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You can read all of their predictions here. Just like a traditional casino game.

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They did it in hopes of boosting traffic, but it did not attract as much traffic as Zynga had anticipated. Like traditional gambling there are people on both sides of the debate. They said random games of chance tend to appeal to the older crowd. One example they gave was about how, in Japan, you can play Pachinko a casino-like game and earn currency in the form of small metal balls.

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But when they do social casino games will be one of the first genres to monetize it well — by creating an entertaining and engaging Vegas-style experience. And we have to create laws, rules and regulations that protect the lowest common denominator — the gullible people who fall too easily for pipe dreams. What are some of the big names in the social casino business as of now?

That the person playing should have educated themselves on how gambling works.

What is social gambling?

You can compete against friends. It might lead the person to signing up to a real money casino with unrealistic expectations. Because social gambling games are similar, if not identical to real gambling games — and also have addictive qualities — there have been many debates about whether or not social games need to be regulated.

They say poker is a good example.

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This one is just like Zynga Poker, except that it comes in a classic poker design.