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The southern part of the island became the separate settlement of Newport after disagreements among the founders. This settlement was called Portsmouth and was governed by the Portsmouth Compact. After the war, the state was hit hard by the Spanish Influenza. Moses Brown teamed up with Samuel Slater and helped to create the second cotton mill in America, a water-powered textile mill.

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Rhode Island's tradition of independence and dissent gave it a prominent role in the American Revolution. The 50 years following the Civil War were a time of prosperity and affluence that author William G.

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This was a time of growth in textile mills and manufacturing and brought an influx of immigrants to fill those jobs, bringing population growth and urbanization. The fire resulted in criminal sentences. The colony later prospered under the casino fast food hampton nh trade, distilling rum to sell in Africa as part of a profitable triangular trade in slaves and sugar with the Caribbean.

The charter apportioned legislative seats equally among the state's towns, over-representing rural areas and under-representing the growing industrial centers. Rhode Island was heavily involved in the slave trade during the post-revolution era. InProvidence, Portsmouth, and Newport united for their common independence as the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantationsgoverned by an elected council and "president".

In NewportNew York's wealthiest industrialists created a summer haven to socialize and build grand mansions. Rhode Island furnished 25, fighting men, of whom 1, died. The congregation founded by Roger Williams in built this church in In after conferring with WilliamsAnne HutchinsonWilliam CoddingtonJohn ClarkePhilip Shermanand other religious dissenters settled on Aquidneck Island then known as Rhode Islandwhich was purchased from the local tribes who called it Pocasset.

Dorr's supporters led an armed rebellion against the charter government, and Dorr was arrested and imprisoned for treason against the state. Gorton received a separate charter for his settlement in which he named Casino fast food hampton nh after his patron.

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For the first several decades of statehood, Rhode Island was governed in accordance with the colonial charter. An expedition of 5, French troops under Count Rochambeau arrived in Newport by sea on July 10, The Klan is believed to be responsible for burning the Watchman Industrial School in Scituatewhich was a school for African-American children.

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Portsmouth was the site of the first African-American military unit, the 1st Rhode Island Regimentto fight for the U. Dorr organized an extralegal convention to draft a state constitution, [53] arguing that the charter government violated the Guarantee Clause in Article Four, Section Four of the United States Constitution.

They invaded and burned down several of the towns in the area during King Philip's War —including Providence which was attacked twice. Slaves were introduced in Rhode Island at this time, although there is no record of any law legalizing slave-holding.

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Many urban areas still have a high rate of children in poverty. McLoughlin calls "Rhode Island's halcyon era. Due to an influx of residents from Boston, increasing housing costs have resulted in more homelessness in Rhode Island. Thousands of French-Canadian, Italian, Irish, and Portuguese immigrants arrived to fill jobs in the textile and manufacturing mills in Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, and Woonsocket.

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Inthe charter government and Dorr's supporters held separate elections, and two rival governments claimed sovereignty over the state. Additionally, the charter disallowed landless citizens from filing civil suits without endorsement from a landowner. Samuel Gorton purchased lands at Shawomet in from the Narragansetts, precipitating a dispute with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

InRhode Island abolished racial segregation in the public schools throughout the state. The Industrial Revolution moved large numbers of workers into the cities, creating a permanently landless class who were therefore also voteless. Rhode Island has comprehensive health insurance for low-income children and a large social safety net.

A combined Franco-American force fought to drive them off Aquidneck Island. He named the site Providence Plantations"having a sense of God's merciful providence unto me in my distress", [39] and it became a place of religious freedom where all were welcome.

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The original deed to Providence, signed by Chief Canonicus. It was one of nine Colonial colleges granted charters before the American Revolution, but was the first college in America to accept students regardless of religious affiliation. Inactivists led by Thomas W.

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