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Stacie became a grifter through him. Emma's childhood sweetheart makes an appearance in series seven episode two, played by Joe Armstrong; though he proves a disappointment to Emma, thanks in part to the input of Mickey Bricks, who is a romantic interest for Emma since her first appearance, before they knew each other's real identities.

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Kulvinder Samar played by Silas Carson is a greedy and very wealthy businessman. He regularly makes the top rich list but he is greedy and will cross the street to pick up a one-pound coin. He now lives in a council flat in London.

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The crew lure him in with the promise of a guaranteed, but illegal, way of tripling his money. The fastest way to get that one is to play PvP and you have to know that only the races on the two tracks "Sin City Showdown" and "Vegas Descent" the two Perf spec tracks count for the award because the other Mountain States PvP tracks are not in Vegas, so you should try to pick those two tracks often if you are looking for the award.

He fled from the United States in the s. The mark was having trouble getting that amount anywhere, whereas Ash felt insulted that Danny even asked if he could locate them at short notice. Before Albert is imprisoned, prior to series five, he is pickpocketed by Emma. He has a house in Chelsea, an even bigger one in the Cotswolds, and fat expenses claims.

William Dagmar is an intelligent, maverick trader on the stock market and the owner of Dagmar Associates based in London. During the second series, he briefly dealt with a bout of depression after the death of a close friend caused him to question his own lifestyle. This ability helps Albert get close to his marks quickly. He greatly enjoys high stakes. The only special award that is not part of the videos since there isn't really anything to show for it is the one to earn one million bucks in Las Vegas.

He was one of the first people to get into Google and eBay, and amongst the first to get out of Enron and Northern Rock. Mickey did not return in the fourth series, instead he led a con off-screen in Australia. Frank Gorley played by Robert Pugh is a renowned bully and the owner of a top London casino and hotel situated in the West End. After the war, he came back to London to look for her, only to see her at the church as she was getting married.

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In the film, Irving Rosenfeld begins a life of criminality when he smashes storefront windows as a child in order to provide more work for his father's glass-installation business.

Furthermore, some of the targets in the series have been conned to settle scores on Eddie's behalf. In the absence of a leader, Ash ends up running short cons rather than assembling a team of his own. Although he works with Albert Strollerwho is one of his mentors, Mickey is the leader of his "crew" team of grifters.

Rex Kennedy is the father of Emma and Sean Kennedy. The team know his old studios that fired him are up for sale and know he would love the chance to take revenge and knock the building casino hussle the crew.

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Georgina Althorp played by Angela Griffin is the head of Dosh4You, a loan company with a ridiculously high interest rate in the fine print of the contracts; most people who asked for loans from her ended up losing their homes anyway because they couldn't keep up the repayments.

After running it for two months she decided to whack up the fees and four months after that the fees have trebled from when she first took over. Still, he maintains a passionate interest in Bollywood films, which provides the way in for the crew.

He gives his date of birth as 21 July After the sale he retired and is obsessed with one thing — collecting love diamonds, which he keeps in a high-tech vault under his house. Marcus Wendell played by Michael Brandon is an American whose family have owned casinos all the way back to the Civil War in America, where his ancestors accused Charlie Stroller - Albert's great-grandfather - of cheating on their casino steamboat and threw him off the ship.

Byrne's a killer with no conscience but that is why he is good — he won't stop at anything. Catherine Winterborn played by Tamzin Outhwaite is a recently divorced businesswoman who is very bitter and vengeful towards her ex-husband Steven played by Ben Miles.

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The last bloke who grassed him up was taken to a Halal butchers by Pinky who cut off his wedding tackle and made him eat it. Johnny Keyes played by Stanley Townsend is a prominent restaurateur and celebrity chef in London, but has a notorious gangland past. However Jennings has seen through him from the beginning and has taped all of their conversations, which he hands over to the police.

He often removes things from people's pockets and on one occasion drives off in a gentleman's car after convincing him he is a valet, but he frequently insists he is "not a thief".

The only two things he seems to care about are himself and money. He believes that if people are stupid enough to lose their houses then it is the fault of the state. They are both extremely greedy and are not above poaching clients from other banks, floating hopeless businesses on the market, and selling their own clients short by driving down the share prices.

After they were conned by the group, they returned in the Series Five finale trying casino hussle the crew set up a situation where they could con the group out of their money in revenge, but the attempt was a complete failure from the beginning.

He owns and runs a network of small factories making counterfeit designer clothes sweatshops in other words.

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Series 6[ edit ] Sir Edmund "Piggy" Richardson is the ex-boss of a bank he brought to the verge of collapse in and needed bailing out by the British government. Sean originally never wished to be a grifter, unlike his sister, and was set on going to Drama school when he had the money, which he and Emma were raising through their cons.

He impersonates a police officer named Martin Depalma in order to head the investigation into the crew.

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However, in he disappeared with their savings and fled to Amsterdam, leaving her only a few assorted items in their otherwise empty flat. His restaurant, "Keyes" is a highly fashionable spot, with an eight-week waiting list for a table.

Mervyn falls for their scam and is left in a state of shock when the prototype of the product is sent to him after investing in it. The elderly residents have to sell their property to pay for it although she convinces them to sell through her own auction house.

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