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Texas Hold 'Em The larger casinos tend to have small poker rooms with one to three tables. He was extremely friendly and made it quite clear that I was welcome at any time. If a casino allows it, expect it to be readily available. Some other popular games as Tico casinos are roulette and electronic slot machines.

Normally I don't socialize with strangers at the table, but there is something that just isn't fun about playing in an empty casino. Again, most streets in Costa Rica aren't named, but there are three roads leading into Jaco from highway 34, and the Amapola is off the southernmost one.

I told him truthfully who I was, gave him my card, and told him I was taking notes for my web site.

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Had it been the last, I would have lots of good questions for him, answers to which would have improved this article. Sorry to get so off topic, but hopefully the above rambling will be useful in how to pack and dress in Costa Rica.

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Be warned that lots of other websites refer to the casino at the Amapola as the "Jazz Casino. Apparently due to its distance from everything, both the casino and hotel were very quiet during my brief visit. I've asked many of my kids' history teachers and still can't get a straight answer. However, I have to give them credit for doing an outstanding job of looking female, at least from a distance.

The difference is that the Veneto is about twice the size. I'm told this is very negotiable. One thing to keep in mind is that many of these casino games have their own Tico rules, so it is important that you learn the rules first before you begin to play. Scattered all over town these casinos not only attract many local players, but plenty of foreigners as well.

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The nightlife here is exciting and vibrant as well, as San Jose is packed with barsnightclubs, discos and live music, which goes on till early hours of the morning. The games offered were blackjack, rummy, canasta, roulette and pai gow poker. If you like American-style casinos, you will be a lot happier in Panama. It is associated with the adjacent Garden Court Airport Hotel.

If you're in Jaco, and the Cocal is too much for you, then the Amapola is the degree opposite. You'll find no shortage of bars, souvenir shops and surfing outfitters. According to other web sites, the Horseshoe evidently used to have a few table games, but no more.

My best theory, until this trip, was the military advantage of the higher ground. Once I attended a lecture in casino interior design, and the speaker said blue is a terrible color for casinos. With the exception of the Fiesta, you are very unlikely to find anything in the way of live entertainment.

A few casinos have signage indicating they have it, but I never noticed anything like a line board or a ticket writer. My entourage and I indicated we wanted to play blackjack, so a dealer was summoned and the game was opened for us. Let me preface this section by saying that this information comes mostly second-hand from American men I spoke to that live in Costa Rica and are familiar with the profession.

The building itself looks colonial. I didn't feel like wasting his time if I didn't plan to make a bet. The second floor has two live poker tables. When I finally found the place the next day, thanks to a taxi driver and the name of the hotel.

There are three casinos in the greater Jaco area, and each are unique in terms of location, clientele and atmosphere. This may be the smallest casino I found in Costa Rica.

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What tends to vary are the people in the casinos. The one thing they have in common is they were all conquered by Spain. At the Cocal casino in Jaco, there was a small empty counter with a neon sign saying "sports betting" above it.

So why is most of the population living in the sprawl of San Jose right in the middle? The first floor has a restaurant, bar, and 12 table games surrounded by a bar. This increases the house edge to 1.


Now, I'm not a music expert, but this band seemed darn good. Fiesta Casino web site Horseshoe This small casino is kitty-corner I don't want to hear corrections from anybody saying the correct English is catty-corner — kitty-corner sounds better from the Casino del Rey at Calle 9 and Avenida 1. In Costa Rica, prostitution is legal and practiced openly. In my articles on Panama, I wrote that many young women actually played at the tables for low stakes, hustling male players for handouts.

The six table games consisted of five pai gow poker tables and one canasta.