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Ursula offers to help them, and directs them to one of the drug-running trucks. As they attempt to pursue it, they encounter Farva, who holds them at gunpoint. When Foster Soter and Womack pull over a truck for avoiding a weigh-station, they are locked inside while the driver flees.

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While investigating a Winnebago, they encounter a woman who died from a drug overdose with a tattoo of a monkey. Foster thinks that Ursula revealed the location of the marijuana to her boss in exchange for a promotion. Plot[ edit ] In the fictional town of Spurbury, Vermontfive Vermont state troopers patrol a mile section of the highway.

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The state troopers convince Farva to help them in pursuing the drug runners, and follow the truck to a nearby airfield. Their superior officer, Capt.

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The Vermont governor Carter travels to Spurbury for a press conference about the drug bust. While at a restaurant, Farva attacks a cashier in retaliation for cutting a hole in his drink. A more-miss -than-hit affair, Super Troopers will most likely appeal to those looking for something silly.

When Governor Jessman Lynda Carter announces massive budget cuts for Vermont law enforcement personnel, things look bad for the troopers and they must quickly prove their worth or they'll be forced to look for real jobs. While troopers Arcot Ramathorn Chandrasekhar and the rookie, Robert "Rabbit" Roto Stolhanske are tormenting a group of men for smoking marijuana, they encounter a crazed attacker, who is revealed to be their co-worker MacIntyre Womack Lemme playing a prank on them.

At the press conference, Chief Grady claims repsonsibilty for the drug bust, despite it being the work of the State troopers.

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Having failed to increase arrests, the state troopers expect their unit to be shut down. The state troopers see Chief Grady arrive, only to realize that the Spurbury police are working alongside the drug dealers. O'Hagan Brian Coxlikes the boys and they try to keep their more outrageous antics out of his earshot, but they often run afoul of fellow trooper Farva Kevin Heffernanwho insists on doing things by the book.

Mac Steve LemmeThorny Jay ChandrasekharFoster Paul Stoterand Rabbit Erik Stolhanske are four Vermont state troopers whose dedication to duty is not exactly an inspiration to law enforcement officers everywhere. Farva is arrested by the Spurbury police, where he receives a job offer from Police Chief Bruce Grady von Bargen in exchange for information about the drug investigation.

The governor sends Captain O'Hagen a letter thanking him for his efforts, but tells him that their station will still be shut down. They also torment the radio dispatcher, Rodney Farva, who has been suspended.

Super Troopers was written by the five-man comedy troupe Broken Lizard, who also star as the five troopers; the group's leader, Jay Chandrasekhar, directed.

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Foster begins a relationship with Spurbury PD officer Ursula Hanson Coughlanand discovers marijuana hidden in the impounded Winnebago, bearing the same monkey sticker.

Knowing that the Spurbury police will be involved with the governor's visit, Ramathorn and Foster break into the Spurbury police office to steal the Winnebago to present the marijuana as evidence.

Back at the station, the state troopers find Farva dressed in a Spurbury PD uniform; Foster realizes that it was him, not Ursula, who betrayed the location of the marijuana.

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Super Troopers Photos View All Photos 5 Movie Info A handful of state troopers are put in the uncomfortable position of having to actually enforce the law in this high-spirited comedy. Once outside the trailer, the state troopers encounter their rivals, the local Spurbury police, who they compete with for arrests.

R for language, sexual content and drug use Genre: Farva is reinstated to the force and becomes Ramathorn's partner. As the teenagers torment them, they reveal that grosvenor casino new brighton closing are undercover Spurbury police, having replaced all of the officers after the drug bust. Back at the station, they are chastised for a lack of arrests by their boss, Captain John O'Hagen Coxwho warns them that they risk being shut down.

Three months later, Ramathorn and Rabbit are delivering beer to a party hosted by teenagers.

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Stationed in a small town near the Canadian border, the troopers don't have much to do, so they while away their hours smoking dope and harassing hapless motorists. After Ramathorn and Rabbit rescue them, they find packages with stickers depicting the same monkey seen on the dead woman's tattoo. Appropriately enough, the troopers stumble upon some information regarding a group of marijuana dealers operating along the border; the guys figure this is just the sort of high-profile bust that could save their careers, but the police department of a nearby town gets wind of the troopers' plans.

Using a sex doll on top of Farva's car, the state troopers distract the Spurbury police officers long enough to attack and arrest them. The Earlville police are no friends of the troopers, and they set out to ruin their moment of glory.