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The rumor behind this haunting is the two girls were shot walking to get their brother. Noises can often be heard before closing time and a few have seen an apparition of a lost miner. The stock room is connected to the shoe department, where people, employees and customers frequently have shoes thrown at them.

Many strange occurrences have happened here including the organ being played when no one is there and various musical instruments playing by themselves. That is how it gets it's name.

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People report seeing the man because of an angry expression on his face. No one is said to be able to make it to the top step except Steve and Joe due to overwhelming fear. The house was shown on "Unsolved Mysteries" for the unexplained activity. If you happen to be a minister, you hear footsteps of the choir members when there are none must be annoying when you're praying Ghost hunters are not allowed in for investigations or anything, so you have to be really lucky.

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For a brief summary and directions visit Western State Sanitarium Taholah - Taholah school - people hear things when they are cleaning after school is out. Fort Lewis - North Fort Lewis - The cadences of platoons of soldiers running is often heard early in the morning, long before any unit of this size is conducting runs. Growling noises and other unseen forces also make themselves known to unsuspecting individuals.

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Sometimes she can be heard playing the grand piano when no one is in the room. Once all the lights in the parking lot went off simultaneously and the registers in the restaurant disconnected for days. A man in dark clothes grabbed him and stabbed him 10 times. Objects drop off of their securing points.

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Tacoma - Lakewood - Pierce Lake - There is a lake in the woods that is located behind pierce college on the way to the old Western state sanitarium. Was featured on the television show "Sightings".

All of the buildings of this facility are highly haunted. At the turn of the century there was a young woman named Annabel that came to Index to wed. After a few months weird noises could be heard followed shortly by an apparition that looked like an older women.

Puyallup - Fairgrounds - Some nights the large Ferris wheel starts going and one of the seats start to rock and screaming is heard. Bellingham - Bayview Cemetery - Their have been reports of a ghostly apparition floating along the stone walls of the cemetery. Students have reported hearing a girl whispering, and doors in the downstairs hallway, where the girl supposedly died, have been known to open on their own when left unlocked.

Then a couple days later he died no one knows how he died and after her parents died they sold her house to a old lady. The next morning the house was painted rainbow colors on the front and the back of the house is an array of colors and swirls. There's a plaque commemorating him in the front-left of the school near the bus lane. Sighing can be heard at other times and there are cold spots in the storage area below the building.

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It is said that you can heard kids walking, screaming, and running down the stairs. When you drive down the road late at night, you experience weird unexplained fog, and right after you pass through the fog you can see a teenage girl standing along side the road crying.

As you walk down the hallways and through the stairwells, you can feel that the place is very much alive with activity. Keep on going until it begins to turn abruptly west. When late at night, you can hear faint giggles of the kids that once played on the toys at this park.

They say sometimes the voices follow you home. Upon inspection by the front desk, there was no one down in the basement, but they experienced an uneasy feeling while retrieving the girl. Someone might consider taking a camera in there! Most of the staff there are willing to tell you the tales of the many ghostly personalities that reside there. Tacoma - University of Puget Sound - Inside Theatre - The Inside Theatre the name may have changed in the past few years is haunted by an unseen, but essentially benign presence.

The auxiliary power goes on and off when no one is a round.

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