How to Store your Leafy Greens to Make them Last Longer

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Agitate them around to shake off any dirt or sand. If you are going to use the greens in the next day or two, you might as well chop them now.

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But they really do let Youth group casino twilight dogs vinyl escape, extending the life of whatever produce you store in them. Give it a quick cleaning and fill it with water.

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Then let them sit for a few minutes so that the grime falls to the bottom as the greens float on top. As greens age, they get more bitter and less tender.

Get the greens as dry as you can and help them stay dry. Try not to go any more than two or three leaves deep in any spot. Place the rolled-up towel of greens into a bag. Keep the greens whole, unless you are using them in the next day or two see 5. Finally, we use our greens, when we can and when we think of casino rohnert park opening, in an order: If necessary, fold the towel over and add a second layer.

We found a casino rohnert park opening set of market bags: This process not only dries the leaves now, but storing them in the towel will continue to wick away moisture the entire time the greens are stored in the fridge.

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Here are the details: We use green bags. I know, I saw these on TV too and thought they were a joke. Even so, the blackjack model 14 tang reason we do it is that it makes the greens stay fresh much longer than just shoving them in the fridge and dealing with them later.

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Sequence your meals around the shelf life of your greens, e. We have been reusing the green bags for about one year now and they are still going strong. Spread the greens out in a thin layer across the towel.

We usually spin once, pour out the water and shuffle the leaves around, and then spin a second time. If there are any in the mix that are already pretty far gone, they will kick off the wilting process as soon as you store the bunch in the fridge.

Remove the greens from the sink while being careful not to agitate the water and stir up too much dirt. How can you keep them fresh for a whole week?

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Finally, if we have any greens left at the end of the week, we cook them and use them as an accent, e. If you washed the greens in the spinner, just lift up the basket and dump out the dirty water. Store the greens properly.

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When we get home from the market on Saturday morning we spend time up to an hour if we have a lot sorting, trimming, washing, and sometimes even prepping all of the greens that we bought for the week. Here is what we have learned… The overarching strategy: Roll the towel up tightly and secure it with a rubber band. If we have a smaller amount of greens, we will do this directly in our salad spinner instead of filling the whole sink.

Make sure that your sink is empty of dishes. Throw in the greens, one type at a time.

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Two related points that I should have made: Spin them in a salad spinner, in batches if necessary. But they are delicate, and we only go to the market on Saturdays. If you have more greens to clean, leave the water in the sink. Regular bags, especially Ziploc, trap the Ethylene and accelerate the aging.