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You see their spirit in petroglyphs and pictographs carved and painted into local rock formations, and in ceremonial and burial mounds. Still not ringing a bell?

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The Ho-Chunk were forced to leave their land and head to northwestern Iowa and south-central Minnesota. Richly appointed condominiums on Lake Delton. Banging and drilling at InStan Anderson, the owner of the Polynesian Resort Hotel, decided to put a roof over a water attraction at this property, and the first indoor water park in the country was christened. Gather some energy for a night out.

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About that time, the first railroad bridge was built as well. With a dusting of snow, it just makes the Dells seem that much more romantic.

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They were again moved in to a desolate reservation in South Dakota. Never heard of him? Better bring along a friend to help carry all the bags. The last ice that held back the waters of Glacial Lake Wisconsin began to melt.

The Dells area has been inhabited by native people for 2, years, and probably longer. In the 's, crowds were first treated to the famous Tommy Bartlett ski show. We wanted a nicer clean hotel and so happy we picked the Hyatt.

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Fast forward, way forward, to 19, years ago, when a glacier extended to within four miles casino snack trays of the area, never touching the Dells. Init was officially changed to Wisconsin Dells, the name the locals and tourists had always used, with "Wisconsin" derived from the Native American word meaning "dark rushing waters," and "Dells" mimicking the French word "dalles" that means "layers of flat rock" to describe the bluff rock formations.

According to the museum's director, Dale Williams, the studio may just be the longest running business on a main street in the country.

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You can try on outfit after designer outfit at Alpha Beta Karma. His life and photos are superbly chronicled at one of the most historic Wisconsin Dells attractions, the H. Little do they know that the Dells is over years old!

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Bennett was born in the mid s. Their newest table game is Baccarat. That rock went virtually untouched for millions of years. The photo captures Bennett's son Ashley frozen in mid-air.

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We loved their service. One year later, both the Wilderness Resort and Treasure Island water parks opened. Walking distance to a lot of stores and places to eat. Are your eyes glazing over yet? Over time, the sand was compacted, and percolating groundwater cemented the sand into rock.

The museum at Broadway is open year-round. The rest, they say, is history.

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The staff was amazing. Imagine shopping without children in tow.

The pool and grounds were beautiful. Today, the 4, members of the Ho-Chunk Sovereign Nation hold title to 2, acres of land, continuing anew their dedication to preserve the Ho-Chunk culture. Until Bennett invented it, that is.

That glacier melted about 15, years ago and formed Glacial Lake Wisconsin, a lake about the size of Utah's Great Salt Lake and as deep as feet. A Summer Evening in Wisconsin Dells During the 's and '40's, it wasn't unusual to see tourists and Native Americans line up to watch folks descend on the steamboats for a trip to the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial.

The flood most likely cut the gorges in the Dells in a matter of days or weeks as the swift water eroded away the soft sandstone. Inthe Kalahari Resort opened and then quickly expanded its indoor water park. During the Cambrian Period, this community was the sandy shore of an ancient sea. Special thank you to Yolanda and Omaira!

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Surely you've seen the picture of a young man leaping from one rock ledge to another. Free gated parking, close to several restaurants, stores and gift shops all within a short walking distance. At Chula Vista Resort, their golf villas also overlook the fairway and are within easy walking distance of the clubhouse.