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Placing a bet passes action to the next player clockwise who may either fold, raise, or call. Company accepts no responsibility for any action taken by any Authority against any account holder. When a Player posts on the Site his willingness to enter into a Gaming Contract or by indicating on the Site his acceptance casino vivarobet am the offer of some other participant to enter into a Gaming Contract, Player irrevocably authorizes Company to effect each such Contract on the basis that Player will be supplied with no details of the identity of the participant s who is the other party to each Contract nor will such participant receive any details about Player.

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Save as expressly permitted by law, the Account Holder is strictly prohibited from, and agrees not to modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software or any part of it or to create, publish or distribute derivative works from the Software.

If the company has registered you for a tournament for free within a promotion, you do NOT have the right to unregister and waste the money on other games. Account Holder understands and agrees that Company records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of his participation in the games, the activity resulting from there and the circumstances in which they occurred.

No responsibility is being acknowledged or accepted hereunder for, inter alia, the following matters: All poker variants start with forced wagers.

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Company specifically retain the rights, at any time and without notice, to remove, alter or add to competitions, promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities on the Site without liability to Player.

Should the Player not be satisfied with the resolution of such complaint by Company, a further complaint may be addressed to Tel: For more in-depth information on particular poker variants, visit our page.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice. The same applies to any amounts won by the Account Holder on any running games. In case of a tournament cancelation the money that must be distributed is the pool of the tournament at the moment of cancelation.

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Each player can open only one account. Company may register a person as a Player only if Company has received from that person an application for registration through a remote gaming terminal operated by Company. Gaming Rules Disputes Headings are intended for clarity and to facilitate reading of these terms and conditions.

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Any Account Holder is entitled to close his Account and terminate this Agreement at any time via email or LiveChat with Company and Company will respond within a reasonable time. To be able to play on the Company Site, a deposit account must necessarily be opened.

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If Company becomes aware that a Subscriber has provided false information in this respect, Company shall not register such person and where that person has already been registered, Company shall immediately cancel that person's registration as a player.

The system shall be the following: Subsequent players must either call the raise or raise further in order to be able to win the pot.

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Software end-User License Any unauthorized downloading or copying of any material contained in Company as well as the design of the Website itself may be considered as a violation of applicable intellectual property rights within the European Union. Therefore, players may use any language they desire for communicating in the Chat window.

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