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Cast iron t slot tables. cast iron t-slot set-up table - Problem Solving - I Forge Iron

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How can this much iron move around that much? This table had been re-worked several years ago, and set up in its present position by an installer. Exceptional stability is achieved by Stolle's rib pattern and design together with controlled cooling after casting, by sophisticated core design resulting in minimal cooling stresses and maximum stability of the plates.

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T-slots can be monte casino operating hours to width tolerance H7 or H8 at extra cost. It is 4 tables bolted and keyed, ground flat, 12' by 19', set into the floor with 72 anchors, into a slab that is joined to 6 30' deep pilons into the ground.

Upon indexing of table a new face with new components is obtained for machining resulting in significant reduction of downtime by elimination of multiple set ups.

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Protective wax still applied to the plate surfaces. T-Slots are of 18mm and have H8 tolerance Tapped holes are of 16mm size.

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View on base plate on seismic mass showing the access tunnels through the seismic mass and base plates. Our plates can be casted and machined entirely to your specification. We manufacture and install Surface Plates in all sizes and variations. I have been assigned to make it perfect.

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When I got to the job, there was an overall. I loosened up all the anchors and let the baby float and relax. Base plate with crossed T-slots, joints and caps sealed. Greetings- I have a small quandry. Flatness, squareness and parallelity of vertical working faces within 50 microns over mm.

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Depth of T- slots can also be increased in cases of extremely high pull- out loads. Please contact us for a quote!

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Equality of depth of vertical faces from sides within microns. Tooling Blocks working Vertical Block faces offered with either or combinations upon request - T-slots, Holes and plane face only.

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These manufacturing techniques developed by Stolle result in plates that will maintain distortion free accuracy providing they are stored and installed correctly.

Equality of depth of vertical faces from sides within 50 microns. I think that is because I am now one of the "old guys" who know all the secrets.

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I am setting up a cast iton t-slot set-up table in the shop. Flatness, squareness and parallelity of vertical working faces within 20 microns over mm. Protective wax still applied.

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The top surface is machined to the different flatness accuracies of DINas required. In the picture to the right access tunnels have been casted into the plate for routing wires, hoses etc. Made from plain close-grained gray cast iron conforming to Grade FG: What I would like to know is: After several people have re-leveled it, and about a year since its last check, it has gone a bit out of whack.

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Base Plate x x mm, oil-sealed with fluid trough. Then I shot all 4 corners, got an average, and set them all to a common zero. When I got done, the center was.