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Monty's Cash Register — wherein a couple had to punch keys on a key register. If it happens on the first pick, the couple picks another number, and wins money as a consolation prize originally double the revelaed amount; now half the revealed amount.

After being shown the three prizes behind each curtain, the player s are asked to press three of six buttons on a control panel. One Out Of Seven — A contestant faces a board of seven numbers.

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Wayne gives the card to Jonathan and offers the contestant an unknown. The couple is shown two prizes and must separately choose what prize they want or what they think their partner wants. If the contestant chooses an incorrect answer, the question round is over. To begin, a contestant spells out a word then Cat will sing the word.

The contestant s have the option to quit if they find one of the Zonk cards. Once a number is rolled, neither contestant can roll that number again.

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The contestant can quit after each roll and will lose everything accumulated if they duplicate a roll at any point. For example, if a contestant won an animal, he or she could legally insist that it be awarded to him or her, but chances are that the contestant did not have the means to care for it.

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Cash Board — Half of the amount picked. Ala Card Sharksthe contestant s must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous, with aces counting high and deuces counting low, with ties an automatic loss.

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In the first two rounds, a contestant is shown two prizes. The deals were usually in the form of the following: A cash buy-out may be offered to stop if the contestant is one away from the Zonk and no prizes have crossed the finish line. There are two letters, A and B, both hiding an arrow that points to one of the prizes. In fact, a disclaimer at the end of the credits of later s episodes said, "Some traders accept reasonable duplicates of zonk prizes.

The other four contain zonks. Before choosing, Wayne and Jonathan reveal information about their respective unknowns by answering Dating Game style questions. Jukebox — A contestant is asked to choose one of four numbered CD's, each containing a specific style of music and an unknown amount of money.

In the first version, contestants choose one card from each of five rows and attempt to avoid choosing a card that says "Zonk". In the event a prize crosses the finish line first, the contestant is given an offer to continue on or keep the prizes the slots mk have earned so far, knowing that if the Zonk suit crosses the finish line, all prize s earned are forfeited.

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If the contestant picks the opposing team's helmet, Wayne will penalize the sure thing. Afterwards, the contestants can keep their money or buy an unknown.

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If you were to buy a woman something sweet. In the second round, there are four cards two with Jonathan's picture, two with cash. CBS version games Edit Panic Button — A contestant or couple can win any or all of three prizes, of which the most expensive is sometimes a car. Fact or Fiction — A contestant is asked to choose one of two envelopes, one says "Fact" and the other says "Fiction".

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The couple could stop at any time and keep what they have always then being tempted with a follow-up keep-or-trade dealbut hitting "no sale" at any time ended the game and cost the couple any and all cash accumulated up to that point.

Initially, two squares say "Go Home". After three rolls, Wayne will offer a unknown worth an amount.

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For every question answered correctly, one of the Zonks is replaced with a car for a maximum of four car spaces and a minimum of two Zonk spaces before the contestant spins.