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When properly adjusted, there should be slot top blinds very small lip between the metal track and the plastic side lip. Power the machine OFF.

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Ships in 48 Hours of order receipt or less Search this site Step 1: Gently snap the tabs back into place. Convert slot machine from tokens to quarters some states a Pachislo may be legal operating on tokens, but if you convert it to quarters it may then be an illegal machine.

Disconnect the wires and turn it around so you can see the raceway. I used hot glue to attach this strip. Then drop a few quarters and watch them fall out the back of the slide.

It is usauly two small screws that adjust the metal ramp. Insert the key that came with the machine into the slot in the door, turn it through 90 degrees and open the door.

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My pachislo all you had to do was tape over the slot in the plastic ramp where the smaller diameter quarters would drop out down into the tray before registering. Congratulations, you are done, Power back on and make sure it accepts quarters and tokens! The most secure way to pay that there is! Use the photos as a reference. This is the reason that many Pachislo websites such as pachitalk.

As shown in Fig. Plug in the machine and turn on the main power switch, usually located just above the coin hopper. Tokens will also still work. Then snap in the other side. Mechanisms with holes that prevent the user from inserting smaller coins are common on machines with horizontal coin slots.

Pointless to convert with the payouts these things produce Close up your machine and get a handful of quarters. They should, if watch casino robert de niro properly, continue out to the right side of the mechanism, NOT fall out the front.

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As stated previously, some minor adjustment may be necessary. Reconnect the wires and attach the coin mechanism to the door. Loosen both screws and center them in their respective slots. Insert a quarter and observe what happens. When the new models hit the parlors, the old ones become outdated and eventually find their way to foreign markets.

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We don't need legal issues to arise from illegal gambling discussions here. Others all you have to do is readjust the coin mech so that the quarters catch the upper lip as they roll down at an angle. Re-insert the plug into the proper socket.

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You will see a slide the coins ride down. Turn off the machine and unscrew the coin mechanism from the inside of the door. Turn the unit over and you will see the two adjustment screws as shown in Fig.

The exact method depends on the manufacturer of the machine you have.