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How comfortable does it feel? It's easy to locate and has a reassuring click to it so that you know it's definitely on! The Yo 2 excels here.

Cosatto Yo! Review

A man with a longer stride could kick the wheels a lot more often. On top of that it's got a couple of neat features, like the fold out leg rest and a couple of hidden pockets, but, as with all things Cosatto, what's unique is the pattern.

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Head hugger, chest pads and cosy toes Includes The great thing about Cosatto is that they do not charge for any extra essentials you may need, The Cosatto Yo includes everything that a new parent could possibly need and ever will. The Yo 2 feels strong and dependable. It's a foot pedal just next to one of the back wheels. Seat There is a 5 point safety harness that even co-ordinates with the pattern of your choosing and this has a one button release making it even easier to get your child in and out in one swift movement.

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Personally, I think it's great to bring lots of colour to your little phantom blackjack life. The hood folds back neatly, so you can get a clear view of your little one, and for when it's up, there's a little peek-a-boo window with a bonus pocket for stashing your mobile in! It's not a bone-rattler like some buggies, which is also a massive bonus for your little passenger as well as you some buggies I've used felt like they were going to give me white finger because they rattled along the pavement.

The hood gets slotted in to the front of the frame, which is easy, but Velcro is used to attach it to the back of the buggy. Is the Cosatto Yo 2 value for money? The hood is easy to pull down. By locking the brake, all you have to do is click up the lever located on the back of the basket this will start the fold and is like most other umbrella stroller folds then push down using your foot the small button like feature located above the right rear wheel.

About Us Cosatto Yo! Cosatto says the Yo 2 'laughs at British weather'. Eligible for customers in the UK and Ireland only, you must register within 28 days of purchase.

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Carry Handle Cosatto Yo! The Yo 2 turns really well on the spot no wide turning circle neededand handles going up and down kerbs well. On the go parents who want a light, travel-friendly but sturdy pushchair which stands out from the ever-popular grey and black buggy brigade. Sun Canopy Cosatto Yo!

Why your newborn needs a lie-flat pushchair It has a toggle and straps which let you lift the seat up and down. Who is the Cosatto Yo! How compact is it when folded?

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The Cosatto brand is a popular one with buggies of all variety, car seats, nursery furniture and highchairs. It's an umbrella fold and the wheels can be popped off.

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As with many umbrella-fold, lightweight buggies, the Cosatto Yo! It is an included accessory and has a lovely fleece liner with a turn down edge that has a pocket where your child can place their hands.

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One of my favourite features of many of the Cosatto buggies is the unique, slogan cosytoes, which allow for a bit of flair on your pushchair! We love that Cosatto leaves parents assured that their stroller is going to be covered throughout the time that their child is going to be using the stroller, another great feature loved by all.

I found this a bit fiddly to operate - it requires both hands and doesn't allow a very smooth movement. A good size for your shopping and assorted toys which have been thrown out of the buggy on your travels. As with all umbrella-fold buggies, it is long.

We love just how light to the touch that this stroller is. Cosatto describes the Yo 2 as 'on the fashion frontline'. It goes quite flat but doesn't stand by itself, and is quite long.

How is interacting with your child when in the buggy? The Yo 2 is good quality - it's light yet feels strong and robust. It gets a thumbs up from me. What do you think of its design?

Review Seat Suitable from birth the Cosatto Yo is ideal for parents wanting one stroller to do it all.

Cosatto Yo Stroller Special Edition Go Lightly

Buggies for holiday goers Would you use it on holiday? How does the seat recline?

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I find umbrella-fold pushchairs a bit annoying as they can be difficult to store. The wobbly ride thanks to the swivel wheels lets the Cosatto Yo! Your child will be protected and warm while you stroll the high street and the fact that you could use the Cosatto Yo!

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Would the weather dictate when you use it? There's a little ring on the back of the frame to tug up on and then you just push forward on the handles and it collapsed very easily.

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