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The pensions fund financial statements were tabled in the House of Assembly on Friday. MPs last night passed a resolution to give Cabinet Ministers a ten percent pay cut, effective April 1.

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Bermuda works best when we work together and this Government will work together to build a Bermuda that will provide a better future for all Bermudians. Party exceeded its own expectations.

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It showed a huge difference [to past elections]. He actually got We have reduced the size of Cabinet to However, some workers have reacted angrily to the suggestion of Civil Service reductions, with a number of concerns raised at a town-hall meeting called by the Progressive Labour Party last week.

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Our pledge to the people of Bermuda is simple: Smaller, unknown sites often have poor reputations and may lead to you losing out on your hard earned cotton casino glasgow.

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That was true up until April 1, A breakdown by age shows the older generation is more welcoming of a Civil Service reduction. We were elated; we felt that that victory was really showing a special shift.

All Cabinet Ministers and members of the Legislature are entitled to participate in the Government employment health insurance scheme, as well as the Ministers and Members of the Legislature pensions fund.


We plan to hit the ground running. Stick to the big brand names — Sticking to the well known casinos and big gambling names is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Meanwhile, the Premier revealed in written parliamentary answers to the House yesterday that five Ministers in his new Cabinet are part-time.

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The same pay is set for Ministers serving in the Senate. On average, the new resolution means a 6.

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In Bermuda, they do not dispense summary justice but they can deal with local administrative applications. The benefits enjoyed by Cabinet Ministers on top of their six-figure salaries include use of a car, health insurance, a pension, a parking space at Sessions House and a credit card.

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Ms Cox initially turned down union requests for pay cuts, but later said she would take a reduction if other senior civil servants followed her example. The Premier and Casino basel silvester 2014 who attended New York were there in key capacities.

All first world countries have privatized them wholly or partly, but not in Bermuda.

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It is understand Ms Minors left the bank at the request of Ms Cox, who required all her Ministers to be full-time.