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Cpw-fed uwb slot antenna,

A photograph of this prototype antenna is shown in Figure 2. It is observed that increment in tapering angle with constant cpw-fed uwb slot antenna refer to Figure 6 results in shifting the resonating frequency with slight reduction in return loss.

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CPW-fed slot antenna exhibit perfect impedance matching, broadside radiation patterns, and low cross polarization. In slot antenna geometries different tuning techniques has been carried out like circular slot [9], bow-tie slot [10], and wide rectangular slot [15]. Two types of UWB systems may be used, namely a traditional pulse-based system transmitting each pulse which occupies the UWB bandwidth and a carrier system based on multiband orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing MB-OFDM.

The simulated peak antenna gain is 4. A lot of pioneering work has established the basis of the impulsed radio systems for military communication applications. The modern UWB for wireless communications started with the study of time domainelectromagnetics in s and was developed for wireless communications in s and s. Currently, the prospective applications of UWB technology are becoming clearer and clearer.

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Effect of taper distance and angle. These antennas have several advantages over common microstrip antennas as they provide good impedance matching, and bidirectional or unidirectional radiation pattern. The dimensions of the center strip, gap thickness and the permittivity of the dielectric substrate determine the effective dielectric constant and the characteristic impedance of line [16].

It has been observed by putting two rectangular slits on the ground plane of the CPW fed line results into dual band resonance in UWB and bandwidth enhancement. Meanwhile, academia and industry are exciting to the release of extremely wide spectrum for commercial UWB application but facing many technical challenges for practical applications.

When the antenna is fed by microstrip line, misalignment can result because etching is required on both sides of the dielectric substrate. If the distance varies, then angle also varies.

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The dimensions of the center strip, the gap, the thickness and permittivity of the dielectric substrate determined the effective dielectric constant, characteristic impedance and the attenuation of the line as shown in Fig. In general, the input return loss level and the resonant frequency of the proposed design will vary with total length and width of the structure.

Changes in both the distance and angle do not affect the resonating frequency but the return loss. Analysis of the effects of various slot dimensions on the parameters of the antenna design has been done. In the CPW, the effective dielectric constant is independent of geometry and is equal to the average of dielectric constants of air and of the substrate. Slot antenna results into wideband characteristic with CPW fed line having square slot [6] and CPW-fed hexagonal patch antennas [8] are demonstrated in the literature.

Figure 4 Figure 5: In CPW-fed slot antenna by varying the dimensions of the slot and keeping it to the optimum value for wide bandwidth and proper impedance matching. It provides mechanical support to the substrate and also acts as a heat sink for active and passive circuit devices.

The gain-versus-frequency characteristics are given in Figure 5. Conclusion The antenna shows no significant variations in radiation pattern characteristics over the bandwidth of operation.

CPW-Fed Slot Antenna for Wideband Applications

Wireless networks can operate in the same UWB frequency. Size of the strip width S and gap width W using equation 3 and 4 is 2.

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Return loss versus frequency. To make the accepted antenna parameters, the length and width of the structure are reduced to 25 mm and Slot antennas are currently under consideration for use in broadband communication systems due to their attractive features, such as wide frequency roulette kaisa sosa, low profile, light weight, easy integration with monolithic microwave integrated circuit, low cost, and ease of fabrication [1].

CPW fed slot antennas are attractive due to low dispersion and ease of integration with active and passive devices. Table 1 gives the effect of tapering angle on frequency. Results and Discussion Simulated and measured input return losses are shown and compared in Figure 3.

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The antennas with low profile are easy to be integrated into other RF circuits on the PCB or embedded into small and portable devices. In CPW the conductor formed a center strip separated by a narrow gap from two ground planes on either side. Tapering angle and distance illustration.